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Kingfisher Chronicle part X

Kingfisher Chronicle Part X The Party Beckons for Mickey Finn   Back over the Eastern Sea and oblivious to the scheming of the Incarnates over in Atrussia, no sooner had Kingfisher sorted out the unpleasant business of the recently deceased Auditor than the day of his big party was upon him. In fact it was […]

March Blog…part whatever…Its my birthday so I don’t give a shite!

Welcome to the “March Blog…part whatever”   Tomorrow is my birthday!  So the details of things can go by the wayside…I am not really that bothered…So, what’s new? Apart from me being a miserable old geezer like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino? Well, I have a new camera for a start, a Canon 600D!!! And […]

Homemade Goose Quill Wagglers

How to make simple “Homemade Goose Quill Wagglers”   On the first day of last season I was looking for a decent peg on a new stretch of the Trent when I came across some goose quills,  now me being me I decided there and then that I would make something out of them….Nine months or […]

A guest article from Mark and Sue Anderson “Barbel fishing in the Severn and Teme Valley”

Matt Hayes drifted downstream, in the canoe was Mick Brown, and their guide. They ended up fishing from an island, and camping for the night, great viewing. It obviously entered my subconscious, because in another series called Mainstream, Matt got off the Severn valley railway steam train at Hampton Lode and did a bit of […]

March Blog part III

 March Blog part III     Why the fuck do I have to wait two weeks to see a doctor when I pay tax and NI? Iz it cos I iz white and British? And not brown, straight off the boat and riddled with pox? I am sorry if that sounds a bit racist but […]

Kingfisher Chronicles VIIII

Chapter The State Church     Kai Ang V’Shoor strolled lazily through the almost completed Cathedral of Dvorganna Fjall, He was amazed by the swift progress his builders had made on such an intricate project as this. The Empire insists that every kingdom has means by which its people can connect with the Gods, both […]

March Blog part II

March Blog part II   The rise of the super morons  This is how some people hold a bass…its ok… That is how they do it where this person comes from and it is ok as they are not English/ British and the picture is not for British publication. … What is not ok is […]

March Blog Part I

March Blog part I    As mad as a march hare or so the saying goes…Well this is it! Winter is over ! I had a nice result this month… I got an article in CAT! Happy days! Happy days indeed! and what makes it better is that I got myself and article printed in […]