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A new Kingfisher Chapter

Within the City of Sanctuary Just out of sight, always just out of sight The Spider of Life busied herself on the final stage of her Legend, for those few that walk the land of the living and have the ability to see such things, the Vermillion Mountains now  look to be nothing more than […]

Kingfisher Chronicles…Battle ready.

Chapter   Battle Ready     The Spider of Life rested herself for a moment, she had worked hard to construct the silken bridge between the continents of Eurodarkia and Atrussia, the technical detail that tied the logistical requirements to move four million souls from one place to the other in such a short period […]

Kingfisher Chronicles ” A gathering of dragons”

A Gathering of Dragons…The Weyrmoot Once again it was time for the monthly Weyrmoot or ‘Meeting of Dragon Lords, Morus ‘71’ and his identical twin brother ‘72’ had prepared a fine feast in anticipation of the Clan Council. No expense had been spared by the brothers and so the Dragon Clan came in droves, there […]

Kingfisher Chronicles… To Cross the Eastern Sea

Chapter To cross the Eastern Sea   The small army of Dark Wizards that had been swiftly brought together by Flereous Rex stood in loose ranks atop the highest cliffs that overlook the Vermilion Sound. Dark Wizard that have lost their way in life and have nothing left to live for except living itself, wretched old men […]

Kingfisher Chronicle….The girl with the tail to tell

The girl with the tail to tell   Talia slipped into a deep depression in the days following the discovery that her new appendage was a permanent fixture. The ‘thing’ could not be removed, not even surgically, she tried, it hurt like hell and then grew back overnight and by the time it had finished […]

Kingfisher Chronicle part X

Kingfisher Chronicle Part X The Party Beckons for Mickey Finn   Back over the Eastern Sea and oblivious to the scheming of the Incarnates over in Atrussia, no sooner had Kingfisher sorted out the unpleasant business of the recently deceased Auditor than the day of his big party was upon him. In fact it was […]

Kingfisher Chronicles VIIII

Chapter The State Church     Kai Ang V’Shoor strolled lazily through the almost completed Cathedral of Dvorganna Fjall, He was amazed by the swift progress his builders had made on such an intricate project as this. The Empire insists that every kingdom has means by which its people can connect with the Gods, both […]

Kingfisher Chronicles VIII

  The Temple of Abaddon   Five days of very hard riding in favourable conditions or seven to ten days at an even gallop (or one day of soaring on the back of a very hungry dragon) to the west of Dvorganna Fjall the Kingdom of the Dwarves ruled by Kai Ang V’shoor or Kingfisher […]

Kingfisher Chronicle VII

ChapterVII   Your name is not on the list…Yooz not getting in bitch!   In the weeks that followed the Imperial Edict that  etched into stone the Law regarding the keeping of controlled species and species considered  hazardous to health Kingfisher had seen less and less of his old Goblin General, General Jahmedhi ( Twelve Star […]

Kingfisher Chronicle VI

Chapter VI Horses really are quite thick   Kingfisher sat looking out of one of the smaller windows of his private study, far out over the castle walls and onto the rich pasture below, pasture that stretched out as far as the eye could see was his latest acquisition, a magnificent white stallion that stood […]