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The “Zen of Carbology” part II (The good the bad and the ugly)

The Loop Rig and the “fixed” Carp Clip Bolt rig are not included in my “Good Rigs Guide” for one reason and one reason alone, the Loop Rig and the Clip Rig are not good rigs. I have used both in the distant past and can vouch for their effectiveness but they “ARE” dangerous rigs, […]

Stalking chub with the ‘Super Naturals’ – an evolution of ideas.

If you are fortunate enough to have a river where it is possible to watch your quarry, stalking chub with natural baits is a tactic that can prove supremely successful in selectively targeting bigger fish. It is also the definitive method where time is short as it requires so little preparation; tackle can be stripped […]

Bait glug’s, rancid dips and all things smelly…do they make a difference?

Bait glug’s, rancid dips and all things smelly…do they make a difference? I would have to say yes although I will say that many glug’s and dips on the shelves catch far more anglers than they ever do fish! fishermen and fish have totally different senses of smell, however fish don’t have money but fishermen […]

Flooding River

Flooding River       Awful weather slashing rain, Dirty river open drain, Stinking sewage human waste, Smells so strong so strong I taste, A stench so strong it makes me heave, A stench so bad I have to leave, That my friend is the stink of money, Profit made they think it “funny” New […]

Kryston braids and hooklengths

It isn’t much of a secret that I used Kryston hook lengths for about 90% of all my barbel fishing from fluorocarbon to coated braids, it is the vital component in any rig and you have to have absolute confidence in what you use and that is why I use Kryston. Now  whilst I was trolling through […]

River Pike

Looking through my archive of old articles in search of something fitting to add, I found this, it is about fishing for river pike and is circa 2009, I think it fits perfectly and ties in nicely with my other recent pike article. This winter has been pretty bloody dismal, whereas last winter I achieved pretty much […]

Time for some Trent Pike!!

The temperature has fallen through the floor,the chub may need a day or two to acclimatise therefore …it is time for a bit of Trent pike! Like carp I don’t really do much fishing for these prehistoric creatures on man made venues, I don’t really like the whole “fakey-ness”  about the places, yes some of the fish are stunning and yes, I would fish […]

Too cold to fish ? Get into the kitchen and make some milk bait!!

Well it is that time of year again when the weather is just simply vile, as I write this article I am looking at about twelve inches of snow and there is a sledge by the side of the door with ice melting off the runners. Yes, it is indeed very cold, too cold for […]

A December night on the Trent

   A night on the Trent. “Zombied, The Night I was fishing bread!”   The drop in temperature was the first thing that hit me as I left work, it had been a reasonably  warm day but when you get into December any warmth from the early winter sun is quickly replaced with bone chilling […]

Dam Flask…Lies, damned lies and that old rainbow trout

It was usual during the summer holidays for my brother Jamie and me to fish the Dam Flask three, four or even five days a week   The fishing at Dam Flask when I was a young lad was always what I would call “challenging”, never has there been a day fished by anyone on the “Flask” […]