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March Blog Part I

March Blog part I


 As mad as a march hare or so the saying goes…Well this is it! Winter is over !

I had a nice result this month… I got an article in CAT!

Happy days! Happy days indeed! and what makes it better is that I got myself and article printed in CAT or Coarse Angling Today for those that prefer its full name and title.

All I can say is thank the Lord they picked Lewis to go on the front cover as I am afraid I would scare away the punters because I still have my winter padding on and am in need of shedding a few pounds…ok stones!

There is an incentive however in that I have been asked to appear in the buff for a works calendar…a few years ago perhaps but I do not look good in the buff, in fact I look like a silver backed gorilla with a bit of a limp.

Back to the CAT article…bonus!

One problem however is that I have found that my local newsagent is for want of a better word a “wanker” and has stopped taking the magazine…because he is, as I have just said a “wanker”. I asked him why he had stopped selling it and he just shrugged his shoulders, oh well his fooking loss the stupid wanker.

So thinking ahead I did what any sensible person would do and bought myself a subscription! Job done! Not even forty quid and I got a load of Guru goodies to sweeten the deal, how awesome is that then!


It is that awesome I have listed what I have got and placed a link so that you can get it too!


MWG Hook – Size 16
MWG Hook – Size 16
Xtra Strong Carp Spade Hook – Size 14
Xtra Strong Carp Spade Hook – Size 16
28g Large Method Feeder
x-Press Method Mould Large
Cage Feeder Mini 20g
Cage Feeder Small 20g
Cage Feeder Medium 23g
Cage Feeder Large 23g
Method Rig 4” (0.22/size 14)
Method Rig 4” (0.19/size 16)
Method Rig 15” (0.22/size 14)
Method Rig 15” (0.19/size 16)

Package worth £63.14 – You pay £39.99



Coarse Angling Today Magazine BinderAnd when you have all the magazines  you could ever want or need do yourself a favour and buy a couple of binders to keep them in good nick otherwise they will just end up looking tatty and ragged



Barbel Society Regional meeting at Weatherby


I went to the regional BS do on the 28th of February at Weatherby to catch up with some old buddies, it was fantastic to see the Teme Severn boys in good form and especially Dave Mason who I have to say looks to be in great nick and recovering well from his stroke, long may this be the case because Dave is one of the good guys in angling and we are all poorer without his type around! Rob Swindells also looks as fit as a fiddle but I guess that is because he is climbing so many chuffing mountains recently as he is in the mountain rescue service, impressive…I am now struggling to climb the fooking stairs without whining about my knees! It is about time I manned upped and grew some more cartilage!

It was also good to meet up with Jon Preen and  Wayne  ”barbel”  Glossop fellow Trent barbel anglers and founder members of the Yorkshire Specimen Group, we will have to get a few sessions sorted!Dave Mason and his merry men

I also met up with Andrew”Keno” Kennedy http://www.andrewkennedy.info/ who like me used to write for the Anglingstar and enter the Climax big fish contest every year, he is a cracking lad with a great enthusiasm for the sport but i hate his hair! Its not fair, he looks like he is in One Direction….I look like Michael Jackson after he had his head set fire to, why did my head hair migrate down south to live on my arse cheeks and back?

Life is fooking cruel…I am supposed to be looking like Clint Eastwood at my age!

Instead I look like Free fooking Willy!

Anyway less of my vain ramblings and back to the Barbel Society do

Tim Ridge and Dave Tipping were doing the talk and so I tried as hard as I could to find my collection of their  books for them to sign but try as hard as I might I could only find 2 of the 4 I know I have…how irritating is that!? Tim Ridge and Dave TippingI suppose I should have sorted it out before it got to the point where Tina was asking me to get into the car…Motto to learn from…”preparation preparation preparation”  which is a  slogan used by Don Logan in one of my favourite films “Sexy Beast”.

There is a lot to be  learned from Don Logan!




Darren McCann of the Hook Bait Company was also in attendance with a fair selection of his Hook Bait Company gear…Trade I have to say was a little bit on the slow side for him especially as he was selling everything at five quid, oh well! You can lead horses to water but you cannot make them drink I suppose,  well the slow sales are their fault not mine because come the end of the season when I have had my sessions on a fast improving river there will be a fair few people kicking themselves that they did not take advantage of the offers.

The Hook Bait Company

Paul Fisk of “Fiskies fantastic Feeders” was also there and he is another one that I have seen suffer with poor sales at places like this, I once saw him go a whole night without selling a feeder to a room full of blokes that all fish the Trent…how mental is that? seriously…Do they like paying postage on lead?

When you get the chance to go to a regional talk do so with £25.00 in the back pocket so that you can save yourself a few quid over the course of the season…simples innit!

Cash is hard to come by in this day and age…take advantage of situations like this to make it go a bit further!!

Chris Lythe was there also selling his center pins and home made floats and they are superb! In fact I have decided to order myself one!

 I haven’t told Tina yet but  I don’t think she will mind :O)

We go through this life trying as best we can to get as much enjoyment from it as possible without inflicting hardship on others therefore it is only correct that I should be allowed to own such a thing of pure enjoyment as this myself!

If you are also of a mind to have something that is as close to perfect as I have ever seen then I suggest that you get in touch with Chris and place yourself an order.






Ok lets have a bit of a fooking rant….I feel the need to vent

The girl that was raped and then sentenced to 100 Lashes…Islamic Law is shite!

Maldives…paradise on Earth, that is unless you happen to be a 15 year old female rape victim. Then its pretty fucking shite!

Raped by her step father and sentenced to 100 lashes as punishment.

Nice! I suggest we all stop going there on holiday until they either starve to death because their economy is reliant on tourism or they evolve a bit and come to see the light…there is no sky fair that says ” Punish her!” only sick and twisted old men dressed up in rags  holding a book written by a peado.

Rant over.

Over on facebook…

It was rumoured that I had asked to field test bait from a certain company that I will not give name to as that single action would probably have me dry retching for at least an hour. I will refer back to the great Don Logan to give my answer to that rumour

I would rather eat my own turds that place that crap on the end of one of my rigs!

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