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Tench fishing at Sywell…In Search of Emeralds

Here is the story of one of my first tench fishing sessions, the year was 2007 the venue was Sywell reservoir in Northamptonshire . Happy days! Flushed with the success of the trip down south for Crucian gold I have had a bit of a bump down to earth in my search for other precious commodities…In short I haven’t been […]

The lovely Ladybower

    So here I am  standing alone in the car park of Ladybower reservoir ticket office with my motley range of ancient fly rods and other bits and bobs slung over my shoulder, I have that giddy feeling in my guts…I think I am in for a good day Tina and Olivia have turned down the […]

Pennine Trout Fishery

  Here is an article I wrote in 2010, I have been back to Pennine Trout fishery several times since and it has never failed to entertain me The barbel season had finished and I was stuck for something to do. The perch had done my nut in and the temperature still made the prospect […]

Fishing – Targets set and not achieved

As I searched through some of my old articles looking for suitable stuff to post on the website I found one from 2003 to be of great interest to me. In it I had laid down my desires to capture a 20lb Trent Carp, a 14lb Barbel and a Zander of any size. Well the […]

Crucian Carp…In search of Gold!

             Mike Townsend arrived on the dot and by 2.30 am the car had been  fully loaded and we were well on our way towards the nearest junction of the M1 motorway and from there the beginning of the long journey south. The mood within the car was upbeat and optimistic […]


A very dangerous sport is angling… A very dangerous sport is angling…Death walks amongst us daily. He looks on patiently just as we would study a  river for a suitable location from which to cast a line.     Some days he may satisfy himself with the angler that decided drinking 12 cans of Stella […]

Fishing’s Constant Waterside Companions

Here is part of an article I did for the Anglingstar in 2008. I own an old book, in fact I own a lot of old books but this one is a special one as it was written by one of “my” regions greatest ever anglers and angling writers Tag Barnes and it is called “Waterside […]

Perch fishing on the Great Ouse

 An Article I wrote for the Midland Angler fishing newspaper…Gone but not forgotten!   By “trade” I think most people that have ever heard of me would think of me as an all out barbel angler that only ever fishes the river Trent and to a certain extent they would be right. I love barbel […]

Chub fishing on the Trent now that winter is coming!

  This is the last article I wrote for the Anglingstar before Johnson Press pulled the plug…very sad.   Winter is coming! The bad weather is the way and if I am honest it cannot get here soon enough because I want to get out and about and do some hardcore chub fishing on the […]

Chub Fishing….A Revelation

Let the one who has the intelligence and the scales measure and calculate the number of the wild beasts that occupy the depths of the Trent, for it is a man’s number and that number is ‘Six!’ Six… Six…Six!     A revelation by Lee Swords Revelation 6:7 and when he opened the seal upon […]