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One way with steak and mince for chub on the Trent

One way with steak and mince for chub on the Trent     I haven’t made much use of the video function on my camera since I upgraded to the Cannon D600, I thought it was time to start playing with it so I made this short clip to help anyone wanting to fish steak […]

Chub Fishing in Winter…It Snow laughing Matter!!

Chub fishing in the miserable frigid depths of midwinter can sometimes be what I would call “not that pleasant”, it looks good and all that jazz and makes for fantastic photo opportunities but in reality it is rather crappy to fish in. Snow and ice are slippery, wet and cold and deep frost renders everything into flesh […]

Chub…A guest article by Darren McCann…”Chub Thumping”

CHUB THUMPING By Darren Mc Cann   It is the dream of many a chub angler to stumble upon a tranquil and secluded river that rarely sees a fisherman grace its wild and over-grown banks from one day to the next. Probability suggests that the average angler is put off by the prospect of walking […]

The Hook Bait Company

  I like the stuff produced by the Hook Bait Company, because I generally don’t like using mainstream hookbaits that have been  produced by the billion, that  has never been my style, even when I have used them I have had to tweak them because I would rather have something a little more bespoke and individually crafted, that way I have separation from […]

Fishing for Chub…Rolling dice at the last chance saloon

Have you ever had one of those days on the river, days when you can see a big improvement but know that it isn’t quite ready for a “red letter” chub day just yet? I have, today… and I have to say it was bloody hard work getting a result out of the chub stocks especially when […]

Winter Chub fishing – some thoughts on bite indication.

  Chub Fishing. A passion is born.     I don’t know what it is about chub fishing that I find so captivating, but for over twenty years they have become an all consuming passion. I think the first embers were lit having read an article by Matt Hayes in the Angling Times describing his […]

Stalking chub with the ‘Super Naturals’ – an evolution of ideas.

If you are fortunate enough to have a river where it is possible to watch your quarry, stalking chub with natural baits is a tactic that can prove supremely successful in selectively targeting bigger fish. It is also the definitive method where time is short as it requires so little preparation; tackle can be stripped […]

Bait glug’s, rancid dips and all things smelly…do they make a difference?

Bait glug’s, rancid dips and all things smelly…do they make a difference? I would have to say yes although I will say that many glug’s and dips on the shelves catch far more anglers than they ever do fish! fishermen and fish have totally different senses of smell, however fish don’t have money but fishermen […]

Chub fishing on the Trent now that winter is coming!

  This is the last article I wrote for the Anglingstar before Johnson Press pulled the plug…very sad.   Winter is coming! The bad weather is the way and if I am honest it cannot get here soon enough because I want to get out and about and do some hardcore chub fishing on the […]

Chub Fishing….A Revelation

Let the one who has the intelligence and the scales measure and calculate the number of the wild beasts that occupy the depths of the Trent, for it is a man’s number and that number is ‘Six!’ Six… Six…Six!     A revelation by Lee Swords Revelation 6:7 and when he opened the seal upon […]