Lee Swords Fishing

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Hello, my name is Lee Swords and I like to go fishing!

I also like to write, draw, study nature and make observations on everyday life that are not “politically correct” but “actually correct”.

Oh yes, aside from the above I am also a Head Chef of some repute so I can cook a bit when the urge takes me; I also possess a reasonable collection of Single Malt Whisky, some sour mash Tennessee sipping Whiskey, the odd bottle of kick ass Kentuckian whiskey and a bottle or two of fine Irish Whiskey or uisce beatha for those that speak Gaelic .

The cooking pays the bills and uisce beatha  makes the whole thing a little more bearable, however when I do manage to get away from the stove I love nothing more than trying to catch myself a few fish.

I also genuinely  don’t really care what type of fish I catch either, although it has to be said that I do like a nice barbel but I don’t turn my nose up at bream, chub, tench, roach or dace either…In fact, if there is a nice bend in the rod and a smile on my face, I don’t  care much as to what species of “finned pleasure” is on the end of my line.

This website is my attempt at trying to get across the answer to the age old question that bothers all “none” anglers “What do you go fishing for?”

I cannot say what makes them “not” go fishing nor can I guess as to why “you” go fishing but here is why “I” go fishing.

With best regards