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A guest article by Barry “Baz” Fisher….Eels!

Eels…A season to remember (and it’s not even July)   Many thanks to Baz Fisher for sending me this article to reproduce, the eel is a strange and mysterious beast that does not conform to commercial ideals like the cyprinids  and as such demands the utmost dedication from its followers therefore to catch good eels on a regular […]


THE OSPREY SPECIMEN GROUP BOOK LAUNCH The book has now gone to press, and will be launched at the Lands End on May 31st where the selling of the 50 First Edition cloth copies will take place. No pre orders will be taken for these. First come, first served one per person and priced at […]

Guest article by Mark Hogg…Three rigs to take to any day ticket carp water

Three rigs to take to any day ticket carp water By Mark Hogg   My past experiences with day ticket waters is that they will generally be busy with anglers at prime times of the week and year, the fish will generally be on their guard as they shy away from angling pressure and anglers will […]

Guest Article by Owen Whalley….The KD Carp Rig…Simple but deadly

The KD carp rig is the latest rig that I have chosen to write about as it is one of the most effective rigs around and also one of the most simplistic carp rigs around. This rig is called the KD rig simply because the person who invented this rig is a carp angler called […]

A guest article by Ron Clay….Alderfen Carp Lake

ALDERFEN  CARP LAKE   By Ron Clay   Since I have already written a piece about Alderfen Fishery in general but as I had never fished the big carp lake,  I thought that I had better do something about that, as this particular lake is extremely attractive with its landscaped shoreline and stock of Leney’s […]

T hole surgery

‘T’-hole surgery By Chris Wilson Sometimes a stealthy presentation is the best approach when targeting big fish that have probably seen it all before, and what better than to present a decent size piece of meat or cheese on the hair with no visible signs of a bait stop showing? For soft bait like these […]

A guest article by Owen Whalley…Short session carp fishing

Whilst I was out barbel fishing on the mighty Trent recently I decided to use my Samsung Galaxy to check in on my e-mails, (handy thing is this mobile internet mallarky) in my inbox was a letter asking for advice on how to become a sponsored angler from a lad of 14, now my advise […]

Guest article by Mark Hewitt…His thoughts on Pike Fishing

Looking back over my 25 years of angling, I’ve seen lots of changes. Even more so when considering previous generations, through most aspects of the sport. Development/evolution has been dramatic when it comes to tackle, bait, methods, rigs and even venues. One area doesn’t seem to have kept the same pace, which has set me […]

A guest article….Alderfen Fishery…. By Ron Clay

Alderfen Fishery   By Ron Clay     I was first introduced to this fishery some 5 years ago by Jim Baxter, the then Editor of that once fine angling publication: “Angling Star”. My first trip out there was purely to have a look see, and quite honestly I wasn’t impressed. It looked like a […]

Guest article from Andy Sliwa…From cane fishing rods to carbon

From cane fishing rods to carbon By Andy Sliwa   Firstly I had better introduce myself I’m Andy Sliwa and I make fishing rods. I started messing about with rods around forty years ago when I decided I could make the rods better than they were originally, I’m still trying. I got into making cane […]