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Kingfisher Chronicles ” A gathering of dragons”

A Gathering of Dragons…The Weyrmoot Once again it was time for the monthly Weyrmoot or ‘Meeting of Dragon Lords, Morus ‘71’ and his identical twin brother ‘72’ had prepared a fine feast in anticipation of the Clan Council. No expense had been spared by the brothers and so the Dragon Clan came in droves, there […]

May Blog

Hello, once again it has been a while between blogs, not because I have nothing to say but rather what I have to say may offend and that is probably not the best way to start a blog…It’s ok being a little bit inflammatory on occasion and I admire anyone with the balls to call a spade […]

Fishery Review…Marsh Farm

I have been going down to Marsh Farm for a few years now and have always enjoyed my visits even though the journey is an extremely long one from Sheffield. The one thing that has changed since my first visits is the fact that I am now multi-media therefore rather than be restricted to writing this review I can […]

Alderfen Fishery review (MATCH LAKE)

I like Alderfen, there is a lot to like about it, it is responsible for a lot of anglers getting a lot of personal bests, plus it is a rather good looking venue that is just starting to mature into its true self. I fished Alderfen with my good mate and fishing buddy Dan Stewart Smith at […]