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The summer is all but over…It has been a good one for spotting butterflies, unfortunately I see clouds on the horizon

  Butterflies Everywhere!   I now have  a dog and I have to walk the smelly little bugger everyday come rain, wind, sleet or snow, luckily though the recent summer months have been kind to me and the weather has been good. That being the case I have taken him on some good walks and […]

Late September Blog….100% fishing!!!

  The Hook Bait Company’s new website is now live! THE HBC ‘s new website is now live and all the little edges that I have been using this season are up for sale to anyone that wants to press “click” and spend a few quid. But in this day and age where the bait market […]

Zero Fishing “I just fancy a rant” September Blog

Why Can’t I marry Katy Perry and have her as my second wife? “Because my number one wife Tina would get all jealous about it and probably not share her with me…and anyway, it is called bigamy and is illegal in the UK” But that’s not fair because it seems that every time I open […]

Guest article by Mark Hogg…Three rigs to take to any day ticket carp water

Three rigs to take to any day ticket carp water By Mark Hogg   My past experiences with day ticket waters is that they will generally be busy with anglers at prime times of the week and year, the fish will generally be on their guard as they shy away from angling pressure and anglers will […]

September “Fishing” Blog …Already?…Well It gets onto fishing eventually!

September Fishing Blog time already and just to start the ball rolling lets kick off as I mean to go along and  just say for the record that I think “Ed Milliband is a complete wanker and a waste of oxygen” Not because he reneged on a deal with David Cameron to back the war […]