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Fishing blog for Summer 2019

Where to start…. The fishing was going well, things were starting to come together quite nicely, group chats were active, plans were being made and things looked to be “glorious” for the glorious 16th. A group of like minded anglers met for a pre-season BBQ at the home of Bob Roberts and everything seemed to […]

Lee Swords Fishing Blog May 2019…Comizo fishing!

It has been a hard few weeks of late, I don’t generally flourish in the Closed Season and this years Closed Season has been especially hard as “Clan Swords”was involved in a very minor car accident on the way to Sheffield Dog Track to celebrate my 50th birthday. Luckily everyone walked away with only minor […]

Fishing blog April, Barbel fishing in Spain, Comizo, Smallead, Bocagi and Andalucian!

THE FANTASTIC BARBEL FISHING OF SPAIN!! This is a blog that I began writing in 2017 and never got around to finishing off for some unknown reason, I will use it as the start of a little series of blogs from then till now…just give me a while to get my typing finger back up […]

Lee Swords Fishing and the start of something new perhaps?

Welcome back to Lee Swords Fishing, it has been a while, a very long while. One or two things conspired to rob me of my writing mojo, one being the big hit on the head from a dead tree and the other being a piece of cheese I found on Facebook…Less said about the cheese […]

March fishing blog…As one thing ends so another begins

The river season is over, again and once ¬†again as is usual I find that I feel a bit short changed, I do think the Closed Season has some merit, just as toilet paper has merit, especially after a Lamb Handi from Butlers Balti ( I was warned) but I do think we could have […]

February Fishing Blog….I would have liked a bit of snow but the “snowflakes” are boring me now!

NO frigging snow…I would have loved a bit of snow, I have waited for the snow to fall in Sheffield like a child waits for the ice cream van…but all I have had instead are all these Snowflake types wittering on everytime I put the television on to see if the weather forecast is saying […]

Fishing blog January 2017…I am not dead, I did not make the list!

The end of last year was fraught and more than a little tense, I dodged The Reaper by an inch but still sustained some serious injuries to myself. I had never broken anything before, so to start with a C1 fracture and a fractured skull kind of gave me a bit of a jump, months […]

September Fishing blog…back to Teguise and then onwards to England

In last month’s blog I wrote about fishing in Lanzarote again, it was great fun, not at all difficult to catch “something” and it made an excellent break from lounging by the pool in a masochistic attempt to evaporate the substantial layer of hard earned fat that I had been chiseling away at for the […]

Late August Fishing Blog…Back from Costa Teguise!!

Here we are again, late August and I am back from my summer holiday which was once again in Lanzarote, the fishing in Lanzarote last year was enough to drag me back for another go at it, I wanted a Stingray and I wanted a shark… I would have to make do with one out […]

Early August Fishing blog…My “mojo” is ticking

Fishing has been good to me these last few weeks, I have had some good fish that have settled me down a little and boosted my confidence. Confidence is a great thing, it works wonders for your results, what isn’t so good however are mosquitos, I hate mosquito, we have 34 types of mosquito in […]