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Pike fishing…The “Lamprey” Kebab Rig

The Lamprey is a bait I have never done very well on, I would say that until recently I had caught more chub and barbel on them than I have pike, in fact I would say that if push comes to shove and I was pressed on the matter lamprey wouldn’t even make my top […]

January fishing blog part 2

Thermals And so we are into January, that being the case, here is my January fishing blog part 2…and seeing as it is cold, let’s start with my thermals…I went …I saw…I pondered…I bought another set of Korum Thermals. They do what they say they do on the packet and as long as I don’t […]

I look like a bloody tramp….What fishing wear to buy next!!

I have never been one for bank side fishing wear fashions, I throw myself around a lot and think nothing of laying in sludge to get a decent shot but the downside is that I look like a dirty tramp. Admittedly I don’t smell as bad as some of the specimen brigade but still I […]

January fishing blog already? You are having a laugh!!

January fishing blog already? You are having a laugh!! Where the Hell did 2013 go to? Well it is correct what people say about time passing faster as you get older, it certainly does!It seems like only yesterday that I was reluctantly walking away from the river in March only to be back on it […]