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Chub Fishing in Winter…It Snow laughing Matter!!

Chub fishing in the miserable frigid depths of midwinter can sometimes be what I would call “not that pleasant”, it looks good and all that jazz and makes for fantastic photo opportunities but in reality it is rather crappy to fish in. Snow and ice are slippery, wet and cold and deep frost renders everything into flesh […]

Making a traditional quill fishing float

Making a traditional quill fishing float   I love the old school style floats, onions, bobbers, quills and assorted wagglers each one hand made and unique so when I saw these flash up on my Facebook page I thought I would try to get the maker to do a little bit of a description on how they […]

Five Minutes with Ron Clay

I have know of Ron for as long as I can remember, you see our fathers worked together on the Sheffield Water Board and it was a common held belief in Sheffield in the late 60s and early 70′s that Ron Clay was the best specimen angler in Sheffield, willing to motorcycle fifty miles only to take the temperature […]

Kingfisher Chronicles II

Chapter Two A Second Breakfast. Interrupted! Tucked up on a bolster of deep fur and smooth thighs with his abundant blue braids tied back and out of harms way Kingfisher was now fully recovered, utterly refreshed and about to start on his second helpings of breakfast when the door to his chamber burst open without […]

The Birth of The Hook Bait Company

THE BIRTH OF THE HOOK BAIT COMPANY (With a little help from my friends) By Darren McCann   The birth of  The Hook Bait Company has followed a long gestation, as some of you are aware I have been designing and manufacturing boilies for many years now (23 years in fact) and have had some […]

Kingfisher Chronicles

Not many people know this but I love playing online war-games, so much so that I actually created a book of sorts chronicling the adventures of my character “Kai Ang V’shoor” or Kingfisher to those of the common tongue. Seven feet tall and sporting a shock of pale blue dread locks he is by far the most unlikely […]

Fishing on the river of life

FISHING ON THE RIVER OF LIFE By Christian Barker An obsession was born. My love affair with fishing started over three decades ago. I was fortunate to have a father who taught me the basics and a river minutes from our home. My first rod was memorably a garden cane with wire eyes whipped carefully and a […]

Chub…A guest article by Darren McCann…”Chub Thumping”

CHUB THUMPING By Darren Mc Cann   It is the dream of many a chub angler to stumble upon a tranquil and secluded river that rarely sees a fisherman grace its wild and over-grown banks from one day to the next. Probability suggests that the average angler is put off by the prospect of walking […]

The Army Benevolent Fund sponsored barbel race!

Three mates of mine are currently planning for a sponsored barbel race to take place over 14 days in which they will attempt to capture 14 double figure barbel from 14 English rivers, one double figure barbel from each river. Who do they think they are Phil Smith!?! Jokes aside it is a damned good […]

Barbel fishing…Struggling to get a bite during the day, have all the barbel turned vampire!?!

Here is an old barbel based article that was published in the Anglingstar some six or seven years ago, I actually smiled as I read it. I remember the season well, I really did struggle to catch much that season during the day…But by God did I make up for it when it went dark! […]