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Pike fishing…The “Lamprey” Kebab Rig

The Lamprey is a bait I have never done very well on, I would say that until recently I had caught more chub and barbel...

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Pike Fishing… Legered Dead Baits.

I love pike fishing, I am certainly not a master of it but I am proficient enough to handle them without injuring myself but more...

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Carp Fishing…Using Method Feeder Rigs at The Delves!

Instead of going on the Trent recently my fishing buddy Dan Stewart-Smith and myself decided to have a go at a bit of carp fishing...

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Trout fishing…Fishing in the shadow of giants!

Trout fishing in the shadow of giants...That is what it felt like for me when I attended a fly fishing "social event" on a lovely trout fishery on December...

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River Pike

Looking through my archive of old articles in search of something fitting to add, I found this, it is about fishing for river pike and is circa...

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Time for some Trent Pike!!

The temperature has fallen through the floor,the chub may need a day or two to acclimatise therefore ...it is time for a bit of Trent pike! Like carp I don't really do...

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A December night on the Trent


 A night on the Trent. "Zombied, The Night I was fishing bread!"


The drop in temperature was the first thing that hit me as I...

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Dam Flask…Lies, damned lies and that old rainbow trout

It was usual during the summer holidays for my brother Jamie and me to fish the Dam Flask three, four or even five days a week



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Tench fishing at Sywell…In Search of Emeralds

Here is the story of one of my first tench fishing sessions, the year was 2007 the venue was Sywell reservoir in Northamptonshire . Happy days!

Flushed with...

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Crucian Carp…In search of Gold!


Mike Townsend arrived on the dot and by 2.30 am the car had been  fully loaded and we were well on...

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