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A new Kingfisher Chapter

Within the City of Sanctuary Just out of sight, always just out of sight The Spider of Life busied herself on the final stage of her Legend, for those few that walk the land of the living and have the ability to see such things, the Vermillion Mountains now  look to be nothing more than […]

West End Fishery “KJS”

Sometimes I fancy a blow out on a commercial lake, they have their uses as in they are good places for bait testing and they are good to blow the cobwebs away and give you a bit of a boost when things have been a bit tough. My good mate Dan Stewart Smith has been […]

October blog part three…Is it just me?

I have been distracted from my fishing lately by the vexing nature and apparent  lack of morals, brains, social conscience and forward planning shown by my fellow man. Yep, that’s right I have been spending too long in the land of “local politics” recently and I have to admit that the sheer magnitude of the […]

October Blog part two….Not a lot of Fishing

Let’s start with football…   Gary Madine is a mate of mine, he is a polite lad, well mannered and good humored, he can however get a bit daft when he has been talking to Misters Peroni and Carling but no more than many lads his age, the media however is painting him to be […]

October Fishing Blog….Fingers crossed for the winter ahead!!

October blog already!! It is unbelievable how fast time flies when you are having fun and how much faster it flies still when you are not… and of late, I am not. Nope, not much fun at all, the fishing has been “middling” at best and as for the rest of it, well I did […]