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No more buying the Angling Times every week for me…It is just not relevant to my fishing anymore.

That may sound a little on the bitter side and be seen as evidence that I have thrown my teddies out of the pram because I haven’t won a cap and badge but it is not. I used to collect “captions” in the papers, every week I would send in whatever I had caught and […]

Kingfisher Chronicles…Battle ready.

Chapter   Battle Ready     The Spider of Life rested herself for a moment, she had worked hard to construct the silken bridge between the continents of Eurodarkia and Atrussia, the technical detail that tied the logistical requirements to move four million souls from one place to the other in such a short period […]

June Blog…New barbel season starts…It’s all been a bit up and down really

A  new season has started and the fishing started really well for me unfortunately there is an old saying that I decided to test out and prove correct… “It is better to be healthy than wealthy” I was extremely rich in time, unfortunately I couldn’t make the most of it because  a fragment of an old […]

Almost there now!! mega short barbel blog update

Hopefully things will improve for me as it seems that I have a recurrence of a kidney stone type thing happening as I type this…If the stone settles, am I confident? Helll yeah!! The Trent has been baited up for the last three months, the only concern is how many fish are left in it…Make […]