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Homemade Goose Quill Wagglers

How to make simple “Homemade Goose Quill Wagglers”


On the first day of last season I was looking for a decent peg on a new stretch of the Trent when I came across some goose quills,  nowGoose Quills me being me I decided there and then that I would make something out of them….Nine months or so later and after gaining inspiration from some fantastic float builders on  facebook I deStripped Goose quillcide that I would give it a go!

I would make some homemade Goose Quill Wagglers!!

And to be honest it isn’t that hard!

Well, ok it can be as hard as you want it to be, some people take it to a whole different level of skill.

Take for example the ones I received this week in the post from one of my Facebook mates, they are perfection…and they are getting used in an upcoming article idea  I have had :O)


Step 3....Trim the goose Quill and sand the Goose Quill

Anyway when it comes to making your own, once you have the materials it is very simple to create something “functional”, I reckon I could have something very basic “knocked up” in about 20 minutes. Which isn’t bad when you consider it only took me 30 seconds to “knock the wife up”

Construct an "Eye"...I used 1/32 brass wi ( Then it needs painting and varnishing)

All the gear I used I purchased from a model railway shop for the grand total of £15.00 and that includes all the paints and varnish, the brushes, thinners and knives!Step 5...Time to paint!

Once all the gluing and whipping was done and everything had set it was time for the best bit the painting!

I used a matte base white and then painted over that in a matte black and then gave it a “spreckle” of differing muted colour’s to give it a broken pattern finish !

Once the paint was dry I gave the floats 3 coats of spray varnish…job done!Job done...A Range of Wagglers

These may not be the best floats that I could use…but when the tip goes under…It will be extra special!

I made these :O)

I may not be Peter Drennan but I don’t care…£15.00 and I have enough stuff to make dozens of floats, I have another 20 quills and what with the weather forecast I will have plenty of spare time to play!!


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  1. Nice one Lee , I bought a set of 4 off ebay a few weeks ago but not had chance to use them yet

  2. I know just the place where I can get loads of goose quills, unless the farmer has blown them out of the water.
    Thanks for the tip Lee, if anybody wants a few let me know

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