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Kingfisher Chronicles VIII

  The Temple of Abaddon   Five days of very hard riding in favourable conditions or seven to ten days at an even gallop (or one day of soaring on the back of a very hungry dragon) to the west of Dvorganna Fjall the Kingdom of the Dwarves ruled by Kai Ang V’shoor or Kingfisher […]

Guest article from Ron Clay…Early Days of the Sheffield Specimen Hunters part II

Early Days of the Sheffield Specimen Hunters  part II   By Ron Clay   As mentioned in the first part of this series I was summarily thrown out of the Northern Specimen Group on what I feel in hindsight were trumped up charges. A special general meeting was called to which I was not invited; […]

February Blog part IV

February Blog part IV or IIII whichever one floats your boat! This is just a quick update February blog really as I have been rather busy “looking like I know what I am doing and saying” whilst not actually catching anything whatsoever! This coming week I will be going to Weatherby to catch up with […]

Bells Whisky…Old versus new…

When you ask people if they drink whisky a fair few will make a face and say something along the lines of  ”I don’t like whisky” and this is usually because the persons first encounter with whisky ended badly and started with Bells. Bells whisky had a bad press when I was a kid, people […]

Kingfisher Chronicle VII

ChapterVII   Your name is not on the list…Yooz not getting in bitch!   In the weeks that followed the Imperial Edict that  etched into stone the Law regarding the keeping of controlled species and species considered  hazardous to health Kingfisher had seen less and less of his old Goblin General, General Jahmedhi ( Twelve Star […]

february blog part III

Right, lets cut to the chase , this is my February blog part III , it is short and generally bad tempered because I have man-flu…It may even be SARS virus…I don’t know but whatever it is I feel rough! What is SARS virus I hear you say? SARS is a virus that emerged in Asia in […]

Kingfisher Chronicle VI

Chapter VI Horses really are quite thick   Kingfisher sat looking out of one of the smaller windows of his private study, far out over the castle walls and onto the rich pasture below, pasture that stretched out as far as the eye could see was his latest acquisition, a magnificent white stallion that stood […]

A Guest Article on Barbel By Andrew Poole…Whacker Whiskers with Weather Warnings!!!

Whacker whiskers with weather warnings The start of the season was once again upon me and now was a time for me to get back on track with my Barbel fishing. I decided on fishing the River Great Ouse in Bedfordshire where I had managed a PB Barbel of 15LB.9oz in September of the previous season, […]

Trent Fever … “FORTUNE”

Closely related to and following on from “Trent Fever… Fame”. Trent Fever …Fortune, is a strange illness that drives anglers to do strange things. Strange and illogical things in the belief that they will one day become rich beyond their wildest dreams!  Strange because you see, there is very little “actual” money to be made from […]

Five minutes with….Graham Marsden

Many thanks and much kudos to Graham Marsden for taking the time to answer these question, the answers he gives are “gold” to anyone aspiring to get into angling writing. Grahams list of angling achievements are second to none, specialist angler, writer, editor, webmaster…The list is endless!       1. Of all the anglers that you […]