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March Blog part III

 March Blog part III



Why the fuck do I have to wait two weeks to see a doctor when I pay tax and NI?

Iz it cos I iz white and British?

And not brown, straight off the boat and riddled with pox? I am sorry if that sounds a bit racist but I am sick ( literally) and tired of not being able to get in the fooking doctors and being palmed off with “We have an appointment in two weeks”

Lucky I only have eczema on my head and not some potentially terminal type of shit such as small pox or anthrax innit ! So I will sit here and scratch myself raw whilst some Somalian bloke with twelve inbred kids bad teeth and four wives pays fuck all and jumps the queue and gets seen straight away because he is “vulnerable”

Not as fucking vulnerable as he should be! He should be in bastard Mogadishu waiting for Bob Geldof to turn up and dump a load of freebies in his lap before the famine gets him and see’s him off this mortal coil!

This country is bollocks and it is run by leftie fooking morons that think that I am a soft touch! They must think we are all a soft touch and that our Britishness will mean that we won’t complain!!

Well Fook that I have dumped my doctor and enrolled at another practice in an area that has less illegals and fewer cases of TB to deal with.

It is about time that the NHS was made off-limits to immigrants, if a person is working and paying tax or has retired after paying tax its bloody wrong that they should be at the back of the queue behind some newly arrived biological weapon of mass destruction from the Third World or eastern Europe.


Whist I am having a blow out lets get one other thing straight! I am an average working bloke, I make average money and live an average life, I used to aspire to become “middle class” but that is a thing of the past. Even if I were to win a million pounds or my soon to be finished fantasy book ” The Kingfisher Chronicle” sold 10 million copies and went all ” Harry Potter” I would still be working class…and I would be proud of it.

However that does not mean that I don’t want better for my child, I want her to have access to a life that is fulfilling and full of chance and opportunity, one where she has the power to decide what she wishes to do rather than one where she is pigeon holed and that is why I have never voted Labour and will never vote Labour.

When Tony Blaire came into power all those years ago, he did so with my begrudging blessing, the Conservatives had served their time and were corrupt beyond hope, I chose not to vote Conservative in that election, they were not fit for purpose.

Labour made a decent fist of the first few years and I was pleasantly surprised but after that it all started to go down hill in my opinion, the floodgates were opened and a tidal wave of immigrants poured into the country to fill the jobs that Tony Blaire deemed fit for only the immigrants.

The welfare state went into overdrive, people no longer had to work, they could choose to be on benefits and make that a lifestyle choice…Labour created 1.8 million jobs and then proceeded to let over 90% of them be taken by immigrants over British workers when they categorically stated “British jobs for British people” which is almost as sick a joke as “tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime”

The nation began to falter, “targets” became the buzz word, exams were “dumbed” down and Britain’s standing in the world education rankings started to fall even though we had record exam rates year upon year upon year.

And then we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, a move so fucking ludicrous that it beggars belief…And into those two conflict we poured and continue to pour billions of pounds of British tax payers money but more importantly British blood so that the Arabs that occupy those territories can spend their days thinking up ever more cowardly ways to inflict thenselves upon our troops and their own people because even when we have gone they will still be killing each other from now till kingdom come for one reason and one reason alone…They are fucking stupid inbred morons.

And yet two years into a hung-parliament I am seeing ever more people demanding that David Cameron leave office and call an election…and be replaced with what?

Another Labour Governemnt? one with vile and wretched people like Peter Mandelson at the helm? A man that makes LOTR Grima Wormtongue look as honest as the day is long? Yeah, that would be a good idea wouldn’t it? It would be almost as good as having the nasal idiot Milliband in charge or even worse Ed Balls a man that has absolutely no grasp on reality.

Or we could have a Lib Dem Government run by somebody like Vince Cable , a bloke that would love to outsource everything we have to India and invite even more immigrant workers in because he is so insulated from the reality of things he cannot accept the damage that has been done by the unfettered influx of millions of unskilled workers.

No, we now have to pay the piper for the tunes that Blaire and Brown called…get over it….because if you think that having a change at Number 10 will make one iotas difference then you are deluded.

What this country needs is a Government with bollocks the size of coconuts that does what it says it is going to do and what needs to be done rather than worry about the consequences.

ID cards for everyone, one card, one name, one number, one thumb print, one blood type= reduced benefit fraud

Abu Quatada ( and all his kith and kin) = should have been bundled onto a plane a sent to Jordan within minutes of leaving court

Foreign Criminals and their Human Rights = Act inhuman and forfeit your rights get deported

Multiple lifers and child killers in prison= Execute them all save £47k per year per corpse

Dodgy Universities/colleges = Close them down

Roma Gypsies arriving January 2014= tell them not to fucking bother…deport the rest already here back home.

EU Directives = if they suit, fine! If not tell them to fuck themselves!


So what would I do given half a chance? I would dump the whole party politics thing in favour of a Government run by experts with a vested interest in Britain becoming Great…party politics is a bag of shit, they are all shit, just differing shades and smell of shit but lets get something straight the Conservative Government is the best pile of shit we could have in charge at this point in time.


It is time to start afresh but in the meantime and whilst we have no other means by which we can govern this soon to be Third World shit hole….Do everyone a favour and get behind Cameron and remember you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear!Not overnight anyways and Tony Blaire and his fat Scottish wanker of a mate Gordon Brown made one Hell of a pigs ear out of running this country whilst they were in office.

They left us bankrupt.


The number of Syrian refugees who have fled the conflict has reached one million, the UN has said.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees said the number of people seeking haven in neighboring countries had jumped since the beginning of the year.

Half of the refugees were children, the UN said, most under the age of 11 and often traumatized by their experiences.

The largest numbers of refugees were seeking shelter in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt.

Am I supposed to be impressed? Britain has taken five times as many Asylum Seekers/ Benefit Tourists over the last 10 years all thanks to the previous Labour Governments open door policy of immigration, so if five whole countries cannot handle 200K  each without complaining that everything is going to Hell in a handcart how come Britain has been enriched and our culture diversified by the arrival of at least 5 million illegal immigrants?

I think somebody somewhere is talking bollocks…and it isn’t me for a change because from what i can see Britain is in the shitter and on the way down!

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  1. Well said! Funny how no one seems to mention that in this world today there is more Muslims killing Muslims than the West…… So how cone we get all this jiad shit???

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