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How to make a homemade perch bob…with a difference…The “wasp gall” perch bob !!

  Most people don’t realise that there are a lot of species of wasp in the UK and not just the irritating ‘yellow-jacket’ jobs that pester us if we choose to wear the wrong coloured shirt, nope we have loads of wasps and some of them attack trees and make ‘wasp galls’, these are where […]

Guest article from Andy Sliwa…From cane fishing rods to carbon

From cane fishing rods to carbon By Andy Sliwa   Firstly I had better introduce myself I’m Andy Sliwa and I make fishing rods. I started messing about with rods around forty years ago when I decided I could make the rods better than they were originally, I’m still trying. I got into making cane […]

April Blog… part two

Here is my April Blog part two…I haven’t been as active on the blogging front this month as I could have been, not because there was little to comment on, rather that I may make comments that I could possibly later regret! So Margaret Thatcher is dead and buried, I must admit that I believe she was […]

How to make a Goose Quill Fishing Float…The Goose Quill Zephyr Hybrid Fishing Float

I have seen some old pictures of homemade fishing floats constructed out of paper…How very strange!! But if you think about it, it really isn’t that weird after-all paper is simply processed wood so I decided that I would give it a go. So here is how to make a goose quill fishing float…The Goose Quill Zephyr Hybrid Fishing […]

Kingfisher Chronicles… To Cross the Eastern Sea

Chapter To cross the Eastern Sea   The small army of Dark Wizards that had been swiftly brought together by Flereous Rex stood in loose ranks atop the highest cliffs that overlook the Vermilion Sound. Dark Wizard that have lost their way in life and have nothing left to live for except living itself, wretched old men […]

Roxholme Trout Fishery

Roxholme Trout Fishery “The Roxholme Grange Trout Farm and Fly Fishery is a family run business that consists of a well cared for and maintained fishery situated on private land owned by Roxholme Grange in the village of Carlton in Lindrick, North Nottinghamshire, England.” That is the ‘blurb’ on the front page of their website, […]

Kingfisher Chronicle….The girl with the tail to tell

The girl with the tail to tell   Talia slipped into a deep depression in the days following the discovery that her new appendage was a permanent fixture. The ‘thing’ could not be removed, not even surgically, she tried, it hurt like hell and then grew back overnight and by the time it had finished […]

April Blog Part One

Well the Weather is a bit shit innit! April already?! Well here is my April Blog part one, it is suposed to be a fishing blog But I have to be honest, I am not going out in this…I just cannot face it. The rods are ready to go but the will to take them […]