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Lee Swords Fishing Blog May 2019…Comizo fishing!

It has been a hard few weeks of late, I don’t generally flourish in the Closed Season and this years Closed Season has been especially hard as “Clan Swords”was involved in a very minor car accident on the way to Sheffield Dog Track to celebrate my 50th birthday. Luckily everyone walked away with only minor […]

A self analysis of my barbel fishing on the Trent….Am I just too inclusive to get myself a proper beast??

Barbel Fishing on the Trent….Am I just too inclusive to get myself a proper beast?? But do I really want to change the way I work? And that is the question I need to ask myself “DO I want to change?” Recently two good mates of mine Wayne “Barbel” Glossop and Jon Preen have both […]

Barbel hooks….getting to the point of it

What are you looking for when seeking out good barbel hooks? And who makes the best hooks for barbel? That is a question I am often asked, well I am very much “old school” when it comes to the hooks I use for my barbel fishing in that I use Drennan Super Specialists ( DSS) […]

Time to go nocturnal on the Trent and avoid sun stroke!!

July 2013 may well go down as one of England’s rare summers! I can remember 1977 and I can vividly remember the day it all ended and we got some rain…This one however may rival it…it is hotter than Taylor Swift on “Taylor Swift IS Hot Day!!”…And that is hot! But it is still nowhere […]

Barbel baits…Tweaks and Twists

Barbel baits come in many sizes and many shapes, for me long passed are the days when a big lump of Spam would be my first choice offering followed by maggots and casters presented over a bed of hemp, nope those baits are not for me anymore. I have to be honest, I cannot be […]

Trent Fever … “FORTUNE”

Closely related to and following on from “Trent Fever… Fame”. Trent Fever …Fortune, is a strange illness that drives anglers to do strange things. Strange and illogical things in the belief that they will one day become rich beyond their wildest dreams!  Strange because you see, there is very little “actual” money to be made from […]

Barbel fishing…Struggling to get a bite during the day, have all the barbel turned vampire!?!

Here is an old barbel based article that was published in the Anglingstar some six or seven years ago, I actually smiled as I read it. I remember the season well, I really did struggle to catch much that season during the day…But by God did I make up for it when it went dark! […]

The Hook Bait Company

  I like the stuff produced by the Hook Bait Company, because I generally don’t like using mainstream hookbaits that have been  produced by the billion, that  has never been my style, even when I have used them I have had to tweak them because I would rather have something a little more bespoke and individually crafted, that way I have separation from […]

The “Zen of Carbology” part II (The good the bad and the ugly)

The Loop Rig and the “fixed” Carp Clip Bolt rig are not included in my “Good Rigs Guide” for one reason and one reason alone, the Loop Rig and the Clip Rig are not good rigs. I have used both in the distant past and can vouch for their effectiveness but they “ARE” dangerous rigs, […]

Trent Fever IV…FAME.

Trent Fever affects people in many ways, for some it is simply a personal obsession with the Trent, for others it is something altogether different that they crave, they crave “fame”. I am not a famous angler, I am not in the celebrity angler bracket by a country mile, I am just an average working bloke that can […]