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A new Kingfisher Chapter

Within the City of Sanctuary

Just out of sight, always just out of sight The Spider of Life busied herself on the final stage of...

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Kingfisher Chronicles…Battle ready.



Battle Ready



The Spider of Life rested herself for a moment, she had worked hard to construct...

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Kingfisher Chronicles ” A gathering of dragons”

A Gathering of Dragons...The Weyrmoot

Once again it was time for the monthly Weyrmoot or ‘Meeting of Dragon Lords, Morus ‘71’ and his identical...

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Kingfisher Chronicles… To Cross the Eastern Sea


To cross the Eastern Sea


The small army of Dark Wizards that had been swiftly brought together by Flereous Rex stood in loose...

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Kingfisher Chronicle….The girl with the tail to tell

The girl with the tail to tell


Talia slipped into a deep depression in the days following the discovery that her new appendage...

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Kingfisher Chronicle part X

Kingfisher Chronicle Part X

The Party Beckons for Mickey Finn


Back over the Eastern Sea and oblivious to the scheming of the Incarnates over...

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Kingfisher Chronicles VIIII


The State Church


  Kai Ang V’Shoor strolled lazily through the almost completed Cathedral of Dvorganna Fjall, He...

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Kingfisher Chronicles VIII


The Temple of Abaddon


Five days of very hard riding in favourable conditions or seven to ten...

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Kingfisher Chronicle VII



Your name is not on the list…Yooz not getting in bitch!


In the weeks that followed the Imperial Edict...

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Kingfisher Chronicle VI

Chapter VI

Horses really are quite thick

Kingfisher sat looking out of one of the smaller windows of his private study,...

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