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February Blog part IV

February Blog part IV or IIII whichever one floats your boat!

This is just a quick update February blog really as I have been rather busy “looking like I know what I am doing and saying” whilst not actually catching anything whatsoever!

This coming week I will be going to Weatherby to catch up with my mate Tim Ridge and then at some point making an effort to bank a few chub over 4lb because the river season is rapidly drawing to a close and my total for the CSG is a bit on the gay side…I will also be trying for a zander from a new stretch of the Trent as well so fingers crossed folks I could be in for a bumpy ride!

A great weekend with new friends on a new river

It would be nice to say that I dominated the River Wye down in Bredwardine but alas I did not, I blanked on both days but learned enough to stand me in good stead for a return visit in 12 months time.River Wye at Bredwardine

One thing I did find out was that some of the Trent methods do transfer over as I had a most tremendous bite on steak over mince!Trent Chub on steak over mince

What I did not get a bite on was my Hook Bait Company stuff…Because I had left them at home  in the bloody freezer!

Sometimes I bewilder myself with my own incompetence!

That said the weekend wasn’t so much about me bagging up ( although that would have been nice) it was about finding my place within a new  group of friends. on a venue that was in a word “stunning”

And my place for those that are wondering?

At the bottom :O)My most prized books!

that being the case it still didn’t stop me from getting lucky on the raffle winning a “seconds standard copy” of the Chevin book! To add to my slowly growing collection of fishing books ( 300 ish) …happy days!

And on top of that I also won a hand made fishing float made by Stuart J Baker of the most superb quality



I have to admit of late that I am becoming a little obsessed by the artisan element of tackle manufacture and can really appreciate the skill involved in creating such perfect works of art…I now have my first Fat Fish Float…I am however a million miles away from having my last!!

What the Hell is it with dogs?

Do I smell or something…Do they feel as though they have to mark their territory when they see me on the river bank? I have had dogs piss on me on the Don, Rother, Great Ouse and now the Trent!IMG_9214

Jesus Lord be! It is getting beyond a bloody joke! Last weekend i was on the Trent and was pissed on by Spaniels Shitzus and a Bedale Terrier…All in the space of ten minutes

My Nash Chair covered in dog piss

I was drenched in a torrent of dog wazz!

No wonder the Trent was running 3 meters up…half of it was dog wee running of me :O)

Did I catch though?

Of course I did! I may be a bit shite on the Wye but at the end of the day I am still the Trent Machine, I managed to bag a decent pike that took a liking to my fingers and a carp of around 6-8lb.Pike and fingers don't always mix

Another small carp that looks to have lived out it formative years withing the confines of a commercial fishery….How many carp escaped during the summer autumn floods is anybodies guess but what worries me is how many other species such as Ide and Wells joined them on the great exodus?

another mini carp from the Trent...Not a bad looking little fish thoughIt will be interesting to see what does show up over the next season or so…I have a feeling a lot of Koi will be making their first appearance in the papers over the coming months.

Anyway that aside… remember that when you are unhooking a pike from the gills that the gill-rakers have teeth also!Drop off indicator

The best bet with pike fishing is the use of long forceps and good bite indication…Never ever fish for them without the correct tools to do the job properly!IMG_8505

And always have the correct tools to look after yourself also, open wounds on flooded banks is an open invite for a dose of  leptospirosis aka Weils Disease otherwise known as the Rat Catchers Yellows, which will if given the chance completely ruin your day!


Well it wouldn’t be the same without a bit of a rant so here it is….

No wonder they are radical with faces like these you would be pissed off as well!!

And I thought I had “lucked out” on the hair and face front…But these three jokers make even the most facially challenged among us look good!


The Chap on the far- left actually looks like he is being  given birth to from the posterior of a rather glossy coated  camel. the one in the middle looks like a new age Fagan, with more than just a slight hint of Jew about him and the one on the far right seems completely immersed in an episode of  the Teletubbies.

I really cannot find it in my heart of hearts to hate these three morons, they have had enough in their lives to contend with such as inbreeding and theological indoctrination from a book written by a bloke that liked marrying six year old girls.

Poor bastards.

I hope they enjoy the 25 year stretch and when they get out I hope there is a one way ticket to place of their liking because they certainly don’t like Britain and what Britain stands for, perhaps the Northern Pakistan Region would be far more suitable to their tastes.


Outsourcing is the way to make a fast buck and maximize profit if you want to rip off other peoples ideas and don’t care about your “Brand” reputation!!!

Way back in January I mentioned the problem I was having with a new bait company selling “named” products and that company having no rights to use the “name”.

Well this new company is still using the term “Lamprey” which is something that may be legal but is far from ethical…anyway I won’t lose any sleep over the issue because I think the fake bait is shit.

Yep, it will catch a few fish of that I have no doubts but so does goat shit when rolled into balls and chucked into Indian rivers for Mahseer…To cut a long story short I won’t be losing any sleep over it and I certainly won’t feel left out in the bait race as I  am well suited and booted in that category.136422082_70c24498cf_o

The fact that the company in question has outsourced its manufacturing plant to a state of the art factory in Germany also does not worry me in fact I think the location is quite apt!

See y’all in a week or so!!

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  1. [...] Then a few weeks ago Teme Severn Baits sadly announced they were closing with a major factor being the ill health of Dave Mason. T7 were a fantastic and highly respected company whose baits spoke for themselves in terms of the catches they produced especially their Lamprey range and pellets for Barbel. I was gobsmacked to read within 2 hours of T7 announcing this that 3FT were going to sell their own lamprey pellets due to the closure of T7. I found this bang out of order and very disrespectful but again kept my opinion to myself, unlike others. Richard had angered a large number of anglers with what he was doing and some even put it into print at the time such as well-respected angler and angling journalist Lee Swords on his blog here: http://www.leeswordsfishing.co.uk/late-january-blog/ and here: http://www.leeswordsfishing.co.uk/february-blog-part-iv/ [...]

  2. Nice 1…….:)

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