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february blog part III

Right, lets cut to the chase , this is my February blog part III , it is short and generally bad tempered because I have man-flu…It may even be SARS virus…I don’t know but whatever it is I feel rough!

What is SARS virus I hear you say?

SARS is a virus that emerged in Asia in 2003 after locals had sex with bats and civets, the last bit may not be true but something odd went on because SARS was an animal virus till that point so my money is on some chinks gang banging a drunken civet after getting her all lagered up at the local dim-sum shop ( a civet is small cat like creature…very cute) and getting more than just a dose of “bat clap” ( Civets and Chinese Horse shoe bats regularly get it on and have sex with each other hence the Civet being a reservoir for the  ”bat clap” virus aka SARS )sars virus

You would have thought that people had learned their lesson about not having intimate relations with animals but alas no…

It seems that the Civet is prone to being used my humanity for its own interests, has anyone heard of Kopi220px-Indonesian_farmer_shows_coffee_beans_already_digested_by_Asian_Palm_Civet,_but_before_cleaning_and_roasting Lowak coffee?

Kopi Lowak is coffee produced by men that force feed civets on coffee beans before collecting their poo!


Who in their right mind makes a drink out of shit? AND THEN CHARGES YOU $50 a cup???

And they bang on about the making of Fois Gras!! At least the French farmers don’t make the geese and ducks shit their livers out before spreading it on buttered toast!

Its just bloody wrong…No wonder I feel poorly.



“Two inmates have appeared in court charged with murder after the death of a child killer in prison, police said.

Subhan Anwar was convicted in February 2009 of murdering Sanam Navsarka, of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and given a minimum 23-year sentence.”_65906825_zahbeenaandsubhan

And they say there is no good news out there! What a fantastic result!

These two chaps have just saved the tax payer at least  £600K probably closer to £750K because I am quite sure that Subhan Anwar was an interbred and genetically flawed piece of human garbage and would later on down the line have accrued serious medical costs that would have had to have been covered by the tax payer.

I do hope that when his dead body was discovered his fate had been  the same as the child he had killed in that every bone in his body was broken and I hope that from  the very moment he was taken hostage he knew what his fate would be.

lets all keep our fingers crossed that Ian Huntley gets what is coming to him as well and sooner the better!

Now how do I go about finding out the names of the two killers so that I can send them a couple of ten quid phone cards and a packet of fags as a small thank you ?

Well done boys and keep up the good work!!

 Labour and the Lib Dems want the family jewels!!

What a bunch of tossers they are! Seriously, what type of people come up with the idea to tax a persons personal property such as works of art, jewelry and perhaps even fishing tackle! it is socialism at its ludicrous worst!!!

That is not how it works…that is not the deal!!


tessa munt

I go to work, I work hard, I do this work in exchange for money, I like money. Money allows me to buy things and do things, things that I want and things that I enjoy but before I get to spend MY money I agree to give the Government a certain percentage to fund things that are necessary, things that are vital, things that I need.

But once they have taken their cut that should be that, what is left is mine, for me, to be spent by me, on me.

( my wealth then cascades through the economy so that people like me can earn a living)

If I work very hard I get more money and I can buy nice things, expensive things and once the transaction is done…THEY ARE MINE…I have already paid Income Tax and VAT.

When I die…Those things that I have worked hard for go to my wife and my child, they are mine to pass on as I choose, I paid the Tax…MY wealth cascades down my family line and benefits my child, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren.

My wealth has been taxed enough by the time it gets to me, it isn’t there so you can spend it on some parasite that thinks a hard days graft is going down to the off licence for a 5 litre bottle of Diamond White.

Stop fretting on how you can best fuck the workers and the achievers in this life and worry a little more on how to get the scroungers and the shirkers to pull their weight.





New Paperback Book is released by Southport 


Fly fishing on wild becks

Secrets of the Hidden Stream

By Pat Regan


The wild North Country trout streams of the UK hold a magnetic allure for anglers who love the challenge of these exhilarating places.

Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria all possess lovely watercourses that each new season brings fishermen, both expert and tyro, back time and time again.

Pat Regan the author of: Fly fishing on wild becks, has spent decades perfecting the mysterious craft of the fly-fisher in pursuit of wild brown trout and grayling.

In this book the author shares an intimate, rural knowledge of watercraft and riverside wisdom that is quite unique. This information has been hard-won from years of fishing on wild rivers like the Twiss, Doe, Greta, Hodder, Lune, Yarrow, Wenning and many others.

Pat Regan imparts his specialist rural knowledge though a series of straightforward, yet sometimes amusing, accounts of riverside experiences. Flies are discussed in intimate detail and numerous deadly patterns are included, so that the angler can try out Pat’s original dressings.

Pat Regan has taught the mysterious art of fly tying at various adult education classes and demonstrated at game and country events.  Pat also previously won a round of the prestigious Partridge of Redditch, Advanced Fly Dressing Competition.  This win placed Pat in the Master Class of Fly Dressers.

Fly fishing on wild becks takes the fly-fisher to the next level and beyond.

Published 2012 by:  Can Write Will Write


Fly fishing on wild becks is now available in paperback format from Amazon:

 UK Version:


US Version:


Product details

  • Paperback: 218 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (13 Dec 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 1481250000
  • ISBN-13: 978-1481250009
  • Product Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.3 cm


EBook version is also available at: Fly Fishing on Wild Becks (Kindle edition)

UK Version


US Version


Copyright © Pat Regan 2012

Checkout Pat’s other books here:


Pat’s site (1): http://patregan.jimdo.com/books-by-pat-regan

Pat’s site (2): http://www.patregan.allalla.com

Pat’s blog: http://pat-regan.blogspot.com

Pat’s angling site




 Oscar Pistorius mistook lover for an intruder…yeah right…of course he did!


He must think that we are all a bunch of idiots, he fired four shots into his lover through the bathroom door, what he fails to mention is that his lover already had a fractured skull from a blow with a cricket bat.

I hope he gets his stumps knocked off as a thousand donkey dicked African bang banger’s rape his arse every day from now till kingdom come.

Oh how the mighty Blade runner has fallen….This sorry tale puts the Lance Armstrong pettiness into sharp perspective I think.






Sign them!!!

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