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Chub…a guest article on chub fishing by Ian Nairn…The Stour Biggie!

The reputation of Ian Nairn as a chub anglers extraordinaire ( or should that be “extraordinairn”) goes well before him therefore it is with the greatest of pleasure I present this “guest chub” article that relays the story of a fantastic chub capture from a rising Dorset Stour that proves beyond all doubt that regardless of […]

The Pike…a guest article by Christian Barker

THE PIKE By Christian Barker   For as long as I can remember, the pike has held a special place of affection;  looking back on my earliest fishing adventures it both commanded fear and respect in equal measure.  My brother and I grew up with a fishing utopia in the form of an old Mill […]

Spanish Barbel a guest article by Tony Rocca

I first met Tony at a Barbel Society national conference (2006 I believe), we made up a nice little table in the bar with a couple of Tony’s mates along with Gary Knowles and my fishing partner Martin Womble where we proceeded to demolish two bottles of whiskey via a camera case that doubled up […]

The Hook Bait Company

  I like the stuff produced by the Hook Bait Company, because I generally don’t like using mainstream hookbaits that have been  produced by the billion, that  has never been my style, even when I have used them I have had to tweak them because I would rather have something a little more bespoke and individually crafted, that way I have separation from […]

A guest article on “chub” by Darren Mcann

Once again, I am thrilled to be able to offer you all the chance to read a cracking story based article by the illustrious chub angler and high quality bespoke bait producer Darren Mcann Chub Grub          By Darren McCann The morning was just like countless others I had enjoyed recently as the warming […]

Teme Severn Baits..The end of an era

I am not the easiest person to offer a sponsorship deal to, I am a loud-mouthed and rather brash borderline psychopath type of a character with subtle hints of tourettes that can from time to time place me in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. In this day and age when companies want whiter than white characters that couldn’t possibly bring […]

Lee Swords fishing…The night I dug a dozen shallow graves…A “poo” story

As is usual for the clinically stupid I arrived on the banks of the mighty river Trent extremely late, or extremely early dependant on which way you choose to look at it, I had a plan therefore the fact that my watch said it was just before midnight was of little consequence to me, I am after all a little bit […]

THE FAMOUS COMIZO BARBEL OF SPAIN…a guest article on the mighty Comizo Barbel

I love barbel fishing therefore I have a natural interest in the mighty Comizo barbel of Spain that being the case I asked  Juan at Barbel Extremadura if it would be possible for him to put together a few words. Here is the guest article from Barbel Extremadura. I hope you find that it whets your appetite for Spanish […]

Lee Swords “Poo” stories….The bouncing bomb

  M y first experience of a “wildie” was during a trout fishing session on the upper river Don. The year was 1983 and the day as I remember it was somewhat overcast. The weather over the previous three or four days had been unseasonably bad, this had resulted in what should have been a […]

Fishing for Chub…Rolling dice at the last chance saloon

Have you ever had one of those days on the river, days when you can see a big improvement but know that it isn’t quite ready for a “red letter” chub day just yet? I have, today… and I have to say it was bloody hard work getting a result out of the chub stocks especially when […]