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Bait glug’s, rancid dips and all things smelly…do they make a difference?

Bait glug’s, rancid dips and all things smelly…do they make a difference? I would have to say yes although I will say that many glug’s and dips on the shelves catch far more anglers than they ever do fish!

fishermen and fish have totally different senses of smell, however fish don’t have money but fishermen do therefore quite often dips and flavours are skewed towards the hunter rather than his prey!Lee Swords "Glugged Bait "

That is not to say however that the addition of an attractive dip or glug will not add that little bit of “je ne sais quoi” to the equation…and it is often the je ne sais quoi that separates the men from the boys because as the old saying goes 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish!

Lee Swords "lamprey maggots"I love using dips and bait glug’s  not because I think fish like the smell of strawberries or that they crave the taste of squid and octopus but rather my bait ceases to be like everyone else’s I have separation, I am unique.

Being unique is a good place to be when it comes to fishing especially if you want your catch rate to stand out amongst the crowd I call these things “edges”

Recently I have been playing with banana flavours  combined with cheese pastes after getting a tip off from a great cub angler caller Christian BarkerLee Swords Teme Severn flavours. He recommended that I add a little bit of “narna” to my paste as anecdotal evidence suggested that there was a marked increase in catch rates.

I would have to agree , even though the state of the river has prevented me from making much of an experiment of it early results do suggest strongly that Banana flavours do increase the potency of home-made cheese paste baits.Laguna SAC Juice In the name of unbiased experimentation I purchased two “narna” flavours one from Dynamite and one from Laguna “SAC”, and I am highly impressed with both. Both have flavours that linger, however I must state that I feel the Laguna lingers longer, which is something that I wouldn’t like to say after five pints of Stella Artois! The Dynamite has its own edge in that it is also nut based and has a “texture”

talking of textures I like to make my cheese pastes very soft so that they are very malleable, this however means that the paste has a tendency to fly off the hook, which is where the Laguna  SPLITSTOP’s come in handy. Now i am not a fan of stops of any kind, I like super glue I have to be honest. I don’t get on with needles or anything however these  SPLITSTOP’s have an advantage…they can be opened up !

And threaded on the shank of the hook!Lee Swords paste rig

they make a great key to hold paste in place without any real extra weight! ta-da! Job done!!

No more “fantastic casts” ruined by bait flying off the hook!

lee Swords "Corn Steeping Liquor"

I reckon I will be playing with these things a lot! I think on a hair “opened up” they would be great for holding a pinch of flake popped up off the deck as they weigh almost nothing! Very clever, very simple… I like them! So anyway back to the original question “Bait glug’s, rancid dips and all things smelly…do they make a difference?”

Of course they do, absolutely 100%!


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