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Kingfisher V

KINGFISHER CHRONICLE V The Imperial Aftermath       Kingfisher picked up the torn and crumpled piece of parchment that had been flung at him; he began to read the notice, it was short and to the point, it simply stated that all restricted creatures must vacate the city walls within twenty four hours. For all his […]

Kingfisher Chronicle IV

  CHAPTER FOUR   The Imperial edict is enforced     Kingfisher turned and looked at the two people he trusted most in the whole world, he needed help and he needed it fast, his guts were twisting up in knots and the asprintia tonic he had taken from the Wizard Necrototh was swiftly losing […]

Kingfisher Chronicle III

Kingfisher Chronicle CHAPTER THREE   Generals Jahmedhi and Gronk Generals Jahmedhi and Gronk are a strange partnership, Jahmedhi is as pure blood a Goblin as one is ever likely to meet, which is something unusual in itself considering how many other Goblins ( himself included ) have mated with both wild and domestic animals over the years creating […]

Kingfisher Chronicles II

Chapter Two A Second Breakfast. Interrupted! Tucked up on a bolster of deep fur and smooth thighs with his abundant blue braids tied back and out of harms way Kingfisher was now fully recovered, utterly refreshed and about to start on his second helpings of breakfast when the door to his chamber burst open without […]

Kingfisher Chronicles

Not many people know this but I love playing online war-games, so much so that I actually created a book of sorts chronicling the adventures of my character “Kai Ang V’shoor” or Kingfisher to those of the common tongue. Seven feet tall and sporting a shock of pale blue dread locks he is by far the most unlikely […]