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River Trent Carbelling and the Zen of “Carbology” Part 1

Carbelling: The fusing of barbel fishing and carp fishing Carbology: The science of catching barbel using techniques evolved from those used in the carp fishing fraternity. Carbologist: One who involves themselves in the science concerned in catching the aforementioned fish using the aforementioned tactics yet all the time trying to push the boundaries of the […]

Trent fever III

Left Bank Fever! What is it? And who is at risk from this terrible pestilence that ravages through ever more anglers that fish the Trent in winter? With the weather now decidedly wintry with frost, ice and snow all around, we arrive at the time of year when we can expect to see the first sufferers of “Left Bank […]

Trent fever II

I don’t know if it was the mention of Paris Hilton abusing a mermaid with a large two ended dildo but the “Trent fever” article seems to have been something of a hit. So I thought I may make a little bit of a series out of it. Examining the mindset, the oddities, the opinions […]

Trent fever

I call it Trent Fever because for some the river Trent has become an obsession that borders on the  insane, only last week did I see a bloke on the river with a giant tattoo on his back. Inspired by the artwork on the Memphis Belle, he said it was a girl with a fishing rod lounging […]

Tidal Trent Tackle

Tidal Trent tackle is something that causes a certain amount of friction within the barbel fishing fraternity as it can be classed as “unsporting” because it is in many peoples opinion “over gunned” for the target fish.   Yes, the barbel is a very hard fighting fish indeed as are the numerous chub, eels, big […]

Fishing the tidal Trent

  Fishing the Tidal Trent is not that hard it just takes a little bit of getting your head around, the river is a big part of the equation, if not the biggest. You need to be able to dominate the Trent ( just as you need to be able to dominate the other large […]

Fishing – Targets set and not achieved

As I searched through some of my old articles looking for suitable stuff to post on the website I found one from 2003 to be of great interest to me. In it I had laid down my desires to capture a 20lb Trent Carp, a 14lb Barbel and a Zander of any size. Well the […]

Fishing on the Trent…Carpe Diem!

Carpe Diem… Seize the day! Here is an article from earlier this season…Considering the weather I thought it very apt!   Well, the rain hasn’t quite let up yet, the Trent is within its banks but you get the feeling that it could all go mental again at a moment’s notice. I have done more summer flood […]

The Trent…From Carbology to Zangling

   The Trent…From Carbology to Zangling   This is an article I wrote a couple of years ago, I thought it suitable to bring back to the fore as a reminder that the River Trent holds more than just barbel.  I love fishing the Trent, it is a passion of mine that has never waned […]

What a week of fishing that was!

I am an all-rounder, a jack of all trades and not particularly the master of any. Every year I like to take a week’s holiday from work to coincide with the beginning of the river season, or in my case the beginning of the Trent season and this year, what a week of fishing that was! […]