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I look like a bloody tramp….What fishing wear to buy next!!

I have never been one for bank side fishing wear fashions, I throw myself around a lot and think nothing Nice eel...I look like a vagrantof laying in sludge to get a decent shot but the downside is that I look like a dirty tramp. Admittedly I don’t smell as bad as some of the specimen brigade but still I look “rough”, I could be better dressed.

The problem is I Sensas match gearcan never seem to get a set of fishing gear that I am 100% happy with.

My old match gear was good but it wasn’t very warm and I looked a little bit of an idiot from a distance as they had the “jim-jam” look to them.

The NASH Wind Cheetah set up was good but a little bit prone to tearing, especially on NASH Wind Cheetahthe legs and the hood wasn’t that warm but the duck down inner jacket was spot on, I still wear that when its cold in fact.

Witchwood 4-seasons all in one

The Witchwood 4 season all in one was very very warm and hit the nail bang on the head with the high collar and pocket placing but again the legs were prone to tearing up ( I don’t lay in my bivvy having a 2 day wankfest ¬†over my rig placement like some anglers, I am very active)

This is still in active service when it is very cold but its a bit cumbersome and not easy to take a crap out of when its cold, hence my preference for bib and brace 2 or even 3 piece jobs.


The Korum 2 piece set has been a good servant for the last few seasons but a rat chewed a hole in the legs, the zips are starting to fail and if I am honest its not the best fit for a fat-ish bloke like me, it is more suited to the racing snakes among us, and as the others the leggings rip up and the pockets are not in the best spots for keeping hands warm on cold days and nights on the river.


What should I wear next?

How much do you think a bespoke set would cost me where I could pick out the best features of all my gear and put them into one unique set of fishing gear.

Answers on a postcard please…

Or simply make a comment below…I am sick of looking like a tramp…But I want to be comfortable and warm at the same time


8 Responses to “I look like a bloody tramp….What fishing wear to buy next!!”

  1. Have you looked at Protak gear Lee?

    I have the TR gear from my match days and it’s still in great nick as well as waterproof and warm, only problem is that it’s blue! haha

  2. Lee,

    A man with your acerbic wit,a forward thinking liberal and doyen of the left wing intelligentsia should look no further than this.


    You will I am sure look resplendent as you slip slide on your arse along the Trent.

    Remember though,one must talk in clipped tones while dressed thus.

  3. next time your in notts mate get yourself down to planet carp trakker tundra suit 99 quid bargain

  4. ps and they do a xxxl for the more healthier looking chaps

  5. oh, I am certainly ” healthy looking ” :O)

  6. The trouble is that when manufactures add 2″ to the waist
    line they add 2″ to the inside leg length, hence a waist of 46″ gave an inside leg of 35″ One hell of a big bloke!
    Most legs lengths are two long for winter fishing when we all wear wellington type boots so the bottom of the leggings wears easily or gets plastered in mud

  7. Now then youngster – get down to one of them there yachting chandlers and look at some of the bib and brace jobbies they offer for ocean going types. may not be camou,normally a restrained dark blue (not v clever for spotting the cabin boy overboard though!!). Fortunately for me, eldest son left his behind before emigrating to one of the American colonies: they are pricey but worth it!

    I was sporting one at the recent Unc’s trout fest and toasty and wind proof it was. In additon the front zip is a lot more substantial than most angling bibs I’ve worn/seen…..how else do you think I managed to look slimmer than you!!

  8. The man who utilised the cheapest and best clothing was my old fishing mate of the 60s – Ray Webb.

    He used to obtain old used potato sacks. With a bit of judicious folding, stitching and soaking in tar, he would have a covering for his head and upper body. As leg covering he used up to 6 extra large womens pantyhose, again covered with old sacking.

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