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January fishing blog already? You are having a laugh!!

January fishing blog already? You are having a laugh!!

Where the Hell did 2013 go to?

Well it is correct what people say about time passing faster as you get older, it certainly does!It seems like only yesterday that I was reluctantly walking away from the river in March only to be back on it and bagging a few minutes later in June and now  a few hours later I am hoping that I get a decent final fling before it is all over again! All in all however 2013 was a pretty good year with a generally acceptable quota of goods versus bad’s there were however a few bad’s that were truly bad such as the untimely death of of one of my very best of good mates, but even that had its amusing moment because I never knew Trevor had a brother but whilst at his wake I found out that he not only has a brother, he has an almost identical brother and when I saw him stood at the bar having a pint at the wake, It really did give me the proverbial goosebumps and hairs on the back of my neck standing on end treatment.

Anyway let’s not dwell on the past lets look to the future, here is to 2014!!

Well there will be some fish I hope, starting with chub at a guess or possibly pike dependent  on river conditions and prevailing weather which has been crap of late, in fact it has been nothing short of Biblical in proportions leaving many thousands of people homeless and without power. I only hope that the vast majority of those poor souls found some kind of community comfort and made the best of a very bad situation, we Brits are good at that type of stuff when push comes to shove, it’s the “Blitz Spirit”  in us. to get some fish on the bank however I first need to get out of work, I have been doing more late finishes and more extra shifts of late than I have done for years all because I took on a chef that was about as reliable as a chocolate fireguard and as trustworthy as a 1980′s children’s television presenter at a school fete.

Some of his “Friday” excuses were mindbogglingly insane, my only hope in all this is that he didn’t think I swallowed any of his bullshit , I just used him to get through Christmas as best I could till the moment I decided it was best to swing the axe and let him go. I won’t dwell on it too long, I am just saddened at how dumb some people are…I blame the drugs!

And I have to say that I am a little saddened to see that parts of America have decided to allow cannabis to be sold for recreational purposes, now don’t get me wrong I think cannabis has some extremely promising medicinal potential that should be followed through with detailed research  but some of the stronger strains have the potential to turn people into semi-comatose mentally unstable shit-for-brain zombies with the intellectual ability of a bag of dog shit and the conversational skills of a three toed sloth.

Medicinal potential does not mean self medication via a bong.

It is no secret that I find a fair percentage of the world population to be little more than shit-for-brains and I blame this on the casual use of recreational drugs and the over consumption of alcohol but,I also think a lot of the problem are caused by the shift in culture we have had where kids have to be congratulated on even the slightest achievements they make in life, this foolish practice can unfortunately lead to situations where the poor deluded souls start to believe the “bollocks” they are told. This week I was shown a clip on YouTube called “worst rap battle ever”, now it is common knowledge that I regard the music genre we know as rap to be the poorest of all music genres, I find it almost entirely lacking in any redeemable features, its only saving grace is that on occasion it provokes one rapper to shoot the other thereby expediting Darwinian progression by thinning out redundant strings of useless DNA from the gene-pool. This rap battle was ludicrous in the extreme with two retarded black men talking shit to each other for a combined 90 seconds by means of slotting barely rhyming words into a beat that was “basic and unimaginative”.

I would love to have placed the clip on here but it seems to be one of those non-sharing types of YouTube clips that doesn’t copy over  and before anyone gets the idea that I am being racist her by saying two retarded black men I have included a clip of a white boy from my home town of Sheffield from the X factor, proving beyond all doubt that “shit-for-brains” is 100% multiracial in its profile and that whites can be just as dumb as blacks and quite often more so.


Yes, it is my opinion that all aspiring rappers should be chemically or even physically sterilised so that they cannot pollute the future of humanity. They have no place among the civilised, which reminds me of an old joke I once heard where a young boy is sat watching television with his father, the boy  turns and asks ” Father, why are there no Muslims on Star Trek?” to which the father replies ” Because it is set in the future son”

A future without stupidity and ignorance would truly be bliss and something to wish for.

A job for the boys


The above article purports to be about Male Escorts but it is not, it is about rent-boys…There is a difference.

Being a true Male Escort is more than just being a sex worker, Male Escorts are there to provide a service for out of town or professional females that are in need of a discreet male companion with the advantage of possible no strings sex afterwards.

The internet has pretty much killed the general Male Escort trade because dating sites mean that it is now very easy to sort this type of thing out free of charge but there is still  a market for an upmarket Male Escort that is cultured enough to know the difference between A Merlot and a Chenin Blanc, a soup spoon  and a dessert spoon, has enough physical presence so that he can give protection to his host if called and will still have the energy and technical know-how to knock her back-doors off their hinges when called to do so…For a bonus payment of course.

Nah…The BBC  article is just about Brazilian drug addict bum bandits bending for coin

And moving on…


I was recently given the second part of the Caught in The Act series of fishing DVD’s by Bob Roberts and Stuart Walker recently and I have to say they are very very good to watch but that is not surprising as Bob And Stu are both very focussed on what they do and work extremely hard to get the best results.

To compare these DVD’s with television offerings would be unfair on the TV as the Matt Hayes, John Wilson et al stuff simply cannot compete on the quality front, this was filmed over 3 years and not 3 days and it shows.

I would have placed this up earlier but what with Christmas at work I really haven’t had the time to post anything up but better late than never I suppose.

So if you have any extra cash and don’t feel like sitting out of doors in the driving rain and sleety snow do yourselves a favour and get these DVD’s

10 out of 10



Bowden Houstead Field… The battle rages ona nest of Carder Bees

Last week I presented the SCC planning application with the e-petition from Change.org I organised, this week I received an email from one of the planning officers in charge of the BHF development scheme, it was the usual bureaucratic way of side stepping public opinion  and ignoring valid concerns.


 Thank you for the e petition, I note that it states that 100 plus signatures have been received, however I am unable to view all the signatures. I can only see approximately 25 comments that have been made on the e petition. Is there a way of revealing all the signatures? The petition will be highlighted in my committee report however I am unlikely to be able to give significant weight to comments made by people who do not live or work within the city boundary.


I won’t post the petition online until you come back to me to clarify if all the signatures are displayed.

 Please call if you need to discuss

 Adam Chapman Planning Officer

Development Management

Sheffield City Council


I was disapointed by his tone and sat and thought about it long and hard before replying to him…but eventually reply I did and this is how it went…


Why would you not give weight to people that do not live within the City boundary?

 Are passionate expert opinions not valid?
Within the signatures are several PhD’s and numerous more environmental experts covering all manner of flora and fauna, when you give the go-ahead to build on BHF because that is the full intention of SCC and SYFR you will be destroying a little fragment of something unique and special to urban Sheffield when you could build a fire station on anyone of many existing brownfield sites that blight Sheffield.
BBC Countryfile did a piece with me on the River Don catching trout with Matt Baker a couple of years ago, they will be coming back  to do an urban wildlife slot soon and they will be either highlighting Sheffield’s Green credentials or mourning the loss of something that belonged to the people of Sheffield but was stolen by faceless men in grey suits, so it will be either good or bad. 
I personally think it will be bad as BHF will be long gone by then and so there is little wonder that Sheffield looks like a landfill site and refugee camp when the people charged with the responsible planning of future building projects are so disenfranchised with the whole Sheffield “concept”, and that concept is Sheffield is a “GREEN CITY”
But less of that I will not try to convert you from your mantra of destroying everything, I will go to the petition and attempt to get the full list from Change.org
But know this, BHF needs a lot of maintenance by us “irritating locals” to stay looking good otherwise it is a magnet for vandals/drug dealers and unsocial activity as it is off the radar, when you build on it, we are not going to be there to move them on and so the Fire Station will be their little plaything.
So you have environmental carnage, no sewerage provision, poor ground to support foundations, woodland issues, vandalism issues and access to Parkway issues…All this is to be covered by Sheffield Council Tax payers.
Why not build someplace better for Sheffield?
Best regards


For those that are keen of eye you will have noticed that I have included this planning officers e-mail address, why not drop him a line that says that the environment is for everyone and everything and not just for profit. water-pollution-china-3-537x4021That is the Chinese way, the place where environmental issues mean NOTHING. http://inhabitat.com/report-says-chinese-textile-polluters-disregard-environmental-regulations/

China has lost so many of its wild bees that some crops have to be hand fertilized


This is an unsustainable situation and bodes extremely badly for the future of mankind…Is this the future we want for ourselves?

I certainly don’t want to see a return to the bad old days, I can remember when there were zero fish swimming in at least 3 of 6 ( I count the Rother) the rivers of Sheffield and now I can go and catch fish in all the rivers of my home town but on this current trend where green field sites count for nothing how long will it be before Sheffield is returned back to the poisonous old days?

Anyway…I am going to sort my fishing gear out, hopefully my cold will have improved soon and allow me out into the fresh air without forcing me to cough my lungs up in a most painful and unpleasant manner…


Speak soon!!





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  1. Another top read , shame about lack of fishing . I received a letter yesterday about the fire station saying the planning application had changed but only just read it and not had time to go to link to see whats changed

  2. Good one Lee.

    I sighed the petition. I’m not local, but did so on the basis of trust in you and all round principal of the situation. This being the case, I don’t feel I should contact the council myself. I sort of agree its an issue for local people, and I guess they have access to far more info, and would make mice meat of me if I took on any kind of argument/debate. – That would be counter productive. The only advice I can suggest regarding the petition , would be that mine and others are sensible valid views…… And counter question all input from their side from people/business from outside the area.

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