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January fishing blog part 2


And so we are into January, that being the case, here is my January fishing blog part 2…and seeing as it is cold, let’s start with my thermals…I went …I saw…I pondered…I bought another set of Korum Thermals. They do what they say they do on the packet and as long as I don’t roll in horse shit they look pretty good, I will try to not roll in horse shit but I reckon the bream slime and eel resin will once again have me looking like a tramp in less than a year, why can’t all fish be like perch and zander and not be covered in a substance that is vile beyond belief, sometimes after a good session on the Trent it’s like I have been smeared in chlamydia.

The old set will go in the washing machine and a few repairs will be made to the leggings and after that I will see if anyone at work wants them, they have a bit of life left in them I suppose and its a shame to lob them in the bin.

The other good thing with always buying the same thermals is continuity…There is no reason why I cannot pass off last years catches as this years catches just so long as I maintain a generally ugly appearance I will be well sorted and should be able to blag myself some lovely prizes :O)

“Ernies” New year Trout Session

Once again I spent the 30th of December fishing at Ernies , a trout fishery in Shropshire where the trout come thick and fast but not so fast as “Spider Blinston’s” bacon and egg sarnies or “Posh Paul’s” chilli vodka!IMG_3462

You can say what you like about doing the hardcore specimen hunting and bagging the personal bests but when you balance that against spending a day with mates, drinking, fishing, eating, telling jokes and sharing anecdotes…life really doesn’t get much better!

Well it doesn’t for me…but I suppose I am getting on a bit now and slowing down, either that or I am losing my interest in bagging big fish at the expense of having a socially interactive lifestyle.

My brother Jamie caught far more than me but if I am honest I would have been happy with just getting the one ( I think I ended up getting 6) The night previous my kidney stones were conspiring with some virus type creatures to inflict upon me something Graham Marsden with a nice biblical in proportions, I was sweating, I was cold, I was hot, I felt sick , I was dithering, my balls ached like a bastard and I was shitting through the eye of a needle…I really thought I was on the way out.I did not get any sympathy ...they just "set the dog on meIMG_3504

My brain was running through having to tell my brother that I couldn’t go and how the hell I was going to deliver Terry his 33lb of Glazed Gammon ( honey, mango and apple cider ) if I didn’t.

Then as if by magic, everything stopped at 2:30 am and I fell into a deep sleep for 5 hours, I cannot say that I felt wonderful when I woke but I felt 1000% better than I had the previous day.

I think everyone there fished nice and tidy considering the atrocious conditions with winds gusting in at over 50mph at times and squally rain that would appear as if by magic. I think Me and Gary from last yearGary Knowles A decent troutor Dave Chilton of Kryston fame bagged the most fish but Graham Marsden ran them close and my brother wasn’t far behind either but everyone caught something and as the stock size is rather big some of the fish that were landed were very special indeed with three or four 8′s ( that looked bigger) and my brother releasing what he thought may have been a scraper double.

Dave Chilton did the brother and me proud with a goody bag of hook-lengths that will see us right for the whole of the coming year for everything from carp and barbel to tench and perch, as Gary Knowles said and to which I agree ” There isn’t a perch in the country that can part Kryston Incognito in 5lb”

There wasn’t a trout in Ernies place that could do it either!!


The Weather…I really don’t like Winter!

I don’t like the cold and rain and moreover I don’t like numb fingers and throbbing toes but I have to concede that when it comes to “cold” weather, we Brits really do have it easy when compared to some. I had never heard of in “Ice Tsunami” until last week but what I saw had me left speechless, it was a truly awe inspiring glimpse of nature doing exactly what it wants regardless of consequence leaving us pitiful humans to watch helpless as it rolled on and did its thing. Check out the clip



I like this man… I like him a lot!!

“Oskar Freysinger”

This is what politicians should look like and furthermore this is what politicians should SOUND like, I don’t give a flying fuck about the shrinking violets on the “left” of politics, multiculturalism has failed, the left  has failed and so their argument is moot. Civilization is under threat and I for one am not going to go down quietly, without kicking and screaming.

I have no problem with individual Muslim but Islam is wicked, cruel and perverse, it is a doctrine of hatred and intolerance the like of which humanity has never seen before.

How can it be right when countries like Britain and Denmark report that 90% plus of all rape and sexual assaults and sexual attacks on children are being committed by Muslims?

Something has to be wrong in the upbringing of these people, their value system has to be skewed and at fault…Or is it I am at fault for not accepting this diversity??


And a bit more on “Diversity”


It seems that Kieth Vaz the Labour parasite…Sorry, I meant to say Member of Parliament but parasite just popped into my head…thinks that the police is suffering from a catastrophic diversity crisis…

Diversity crisis? What is a diversity crisis? Is it as bad as a gang crisis or a drugs crisis or perhaps a human trafficking crisis? Would a diversity crisis break into my home at 3:30 am and kill me and the family? would a diversity crisis rape my daughter? Or is it that a well-know Britain’s got talent dance troupe have lost their outfits and the police cannot find them meaning that Diversity has a crisis?….I think Kieth Vaz should shut up.

Positive discrimination is discrimination.

Candidates that are the best for the job should always get the job and that is that, we need to live in a meritocracy where the cream rises regardless of class or creed  and not some politically correct bubble of pseudo-babble spouted by people with big fat stinking chips on their shoulders.

You fight for my green space and I will fight for yours


The petition for Bowden Houstead Field is ticking over nicely at over 130 signatures and I will be meeting with some Councillors and the likes tomorrow morning to do a site visit..

In the mean time let me take a chance to promote this petition…please sign it, it will only take a moment.



6 Responses to “January fishing blog part 2”

  1. Just needs a side parting and a little tash that bloke, not wrong though.

  2. Hi Lee, I have struggled to sign this petition. Not sure why?
    Wuold be happy for you to sign it on my behalf if possible using my name and email, as I agree with what you say.

    Oskar reminded me of a cross between AH and ‘that speech” Enoch made, although both made points I agree with. I have already heard both speeches they made, in the course of spending a few thousand hours studying Islam…

  3. I thought I was serious in my study of it…a few thousand hours sounds like Hell!

  4. Good one again Lee,

    I’ve signed, hope it helps.

    Ernies was a great day – can’t beat a good social (I perhaps spent too much time lakeside, and too little in the garage)….. Not sure on the chilli vodka though – ‘Sheffield moonshine’ was far better.

    I shall be doing a couple of Zander ‘over nighters’ at the back end, weather permitting – if you’re interested?

  5. Petition signed, as it should be by all who see the local destruction of places that have a real meaning in ANY local community.
    As for the German chap, Nurumberg rallies came to mind, but as it’s Islam, I can’t help feel it will have a wider audience and be supported by far more of europe than the Nazi version.

  6. just signed, unfortunately from notts so my opinion wont count. well done for taking up the fight. when did standing up for british values become racist? how can islam be a race? just one of a few huge problems we are facing though.

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