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Lee Swords Fishing…Five minutes with “The Monk”

I first met the “character” known as “The Monk” a fair few years ago whilst on the Fishingmagic.com website, it soon became apparent to me that this chap had been there in the early days of carp fishing and knew more about the evolution of the sport than pretty much anyone else I had ever come across. Over the […]

Pike fishing…Pike fishing with Danny Johnson

Pike fishing…Small Baits…Double the action!! Its that time of year when the predator tackle is being dusted off as I prepare for some pike fishing with a plan to try some new rigs out, first things first however my reels will need to be re-loaded with new 15lb line. I love the whole predator scene, […]

Predator Publications & Carp Fishing News present gifts4anglers

We, at Predator Publications & Carp Fishing News, are probably better known for publishing popular fishing magazines such as Coarse Angling Today, Pike & Predators and Carp-Talk.   We also run Predator Publications & Carp Fishing News, the shops hold the biggest stock of fishing related books, DVDs and gifts anywhere in the UK. The […]

Trout fishing…Fishing in the shadow of giants!

Trout fishing in the shadow of giants…That is what it felt like for me when I attended a fly fishing “social event” on a lovely trout fishery on December 30th last year. Everywhere I looked there were  legends and not legends measured on today’s standards but actual legends, blokes that are the giants that provide the shoulders on which today’s “stars” stand, men […]

Winter Chub fishing – some thoughts on bite indication.

  Chub Fishing. A passion is born.     I don’t know what it is about chub fishing that I find so captivating, but for over twenty years they have become an all consuming passion. I think the first embers were lit having read an article by Matt Hayes in the Angling Times describing his […]