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June Blog…New barbel season starts…It’s all been a bit up and down really

A  new season has started and the fishing started really well for me unfortunately there is an old saying that I decided to test out and prove correct…

It is better to be healthy than wealthy”kidney stone

I was extremely rich in time, unfortunately I couldn’t make the most of it because  a fragment of an old and I thought long forgotten Kidney stone decided to make a guest appearance and shred the inside of my urinary tract before making its way to Blackburn Meadows sewerage works where it is now buried deep in the sediment and where it can stay for all eternity, I hope I never see it again nor any of its brethren…

However that doesn’t alter the fact that I lost half a weeks holiday that I will not be able to replace …So do yourselves a favour and look after your health, one day it will fade and it won’t come back.

Me? I am feeling pretty good now, the antibiotics ( Tremethroprim)  have kicked in and the night sweats have faded, the Declofenac Sodium has taken the edge off the pain, even Little Swordsy is looking in decent nick, he was pretty miserable last week, he doesn’t like being shredded.


Anyway I won’t dwell in the shite like a pig in a mud bath but it still sickened me to lose some days fishing and I had to turn the chance of a fantastic trip ‘darn sarf’ with Mike Townsend down, which knocked my duck off  no end but if I am honest with myself I was no where near fit enough to take a three hour drive to Oxford…So it is tough titty, no point moping about it.

But I New season...Four hours in!did manage two fantastic days on the Trent which fished its head off for those that had the bollocks big enough to get away from the circus pegs and find a little bit of peace and quiet and not just park themselves down at the side of a public aquarium/ spawning beds and share a hundred yard stretch  twenty other anglers each one with at least two rods in the water…nah…Shag that!Find a bit of solitude and find the fish

I went into the backwoods and found some solitude…and it was ace! The only people near me were friends and family and that is just how I like it, I cannot imagine anything worse than being shoulder to shoulder with a dickhead that thinks a good nights fishing involves getting thrashed on cheap lager and snoring through his one toner bites…Nah…I did a closing day session at Collingham a few years ago on the weir stretch and even though the fishing was ace and unlike the opening session the cold weather keeps the majority of dickheads away just as it does the mosquitoes…unfortunately one or two are always likely to show up and spoil the show…and so it was when a bunch of lads rocked up and decided to fish on the bend…what a bunch of wankers!

One of the little bits of urban wisdom that keeps cropping up at the start of every new season is the one that concerns the fact that the fish will take a few weeks to wean onto anglers baits….WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!!Bait...Do not scrimp

The fish will be on bait like a rocket if it is …

1. Good bait

2.Well placed

3. Doesn’t spook them

Fish do not possess massive brains , fish are barely as intelligent as Socialists, both species share a primitive brain and both species love a good freeby.make sure the hookbait is the most attractive bait in the area

The trick early season is simple…feed them with enough food to attract and hold a large number of fish in a suitable area, you have to remember that you cannot attract what is not there, so pick your swim carefully!

And when it comes to hookbaits the rule is a simple one to start with…small is good.

If the fish are really having it then go a little bigger but start small and grow, remember even the biggest barbel, chub, bream and carp feed predominantly on small food items.

Bloody hell listen to me…I sound like I am trying to teach my granny how to suck eggs!

Anyway here are a few fish I caught on my opening session…How big were yours??Barbel 11lb +Bream 10lb 10ozBream 10lb 30z


Barbel 13lbNot a bad catch for a bloke with pebbles!!


I will add a little more to this blog later in the week as I have a fair bit to go through including a visit to the Barbel Society show, Terry Theobalds book ” A year on the water” and Bob and Stewarts “Caught in the Act” DVD…I also want to go into a bit more depth on bait…and  may even touch on a bit of politics, then again I might not, in fact I would rather lick an exposed light fitting at the moment than talk about politics especially world politics as it seems we are being led  by the biggest bunch of retards ever to gain ‘Office’

Lee’s rule on world politics is simple…” Never get involved in Religious conflicts…Did we ever get a thankyou card from the Bosnian Muslims or the Lybian Muslims because I cannot remember one…If Islamics want to kill each other, let them get on with it because we will not be thanked for interfering and at some point in the future those weapons we gave them…they will give them back…without the safety catch on”

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  1. Good read Lee.

    Envious of one or two things in your blog, certainly not the kidney stones (eek). Hope the drugs are busy getting to work on a very painful problem, here’s to a speedy recovery.

  2. Well in Lee , yeah I made the mistake of not fishing out of the way but since a mate wanted me to fish with him couldnt say no , strange as fish still not co-operating fully but they will

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