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Almost there now!! mega short barbel blog update

Hopefully things will improve for me as it seems that I have a recurrence of a kidney stone type thing happening as I type this…If the stone settles, am I confident?

Helll yeah!!

The Trent has been baited up for the last three months, the only concern is how many fish are left in it…Make of that what you will.

14lb 1oz Trent Barbel caught by Lee Swords

I will be fishing with Hook Bait Company products this years instead of Teme Severn..I am confident of a good start, the stuff looks to be high quality gear and that being so I cannot see any self respecting barbel turning its nose up at it.


Target 100 barbel 60 chub..should be doable!

Ok hot bath and pain killer time…speak soon!

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  1. Hi Lee, the problem of disapearing fish seems to be escalating out of control since our countries population has boomed with the willing neglect of our so called leaders. After one of my many rants regarding this subject my long suffering wife suggested (again) that we legitimate anglers all refuse to pay for a licence until the EA puplicly accept there is a problem and address it accordingly. In the last 7 days i have been told of 2 male adults with appearance and accents not originating from our green and pleasant land, netting and removing fish from the weir at the bottom of claywheels lane, and also fish being removed and blatantly cooked on the canal bank at Shireoaks. Obviously, the monumental task to confront the EA needs to be handled with great care by a well known and respected face of the fishing world with the drive and knowledge to champion this cause and steer it forward hopefully to a satisfactory conclusion. I believe that you are the man for the job, and as there are no rivers with stock worth fishing for and you must have by now mastered the recipe for the best curry known to man you must have plenty of time on your hands, how about it Swordsy?

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