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Kryston braids and hooklengths

It isn’t much of a secret that I used Kryston hook lengths for about 90% of all my barbel fishing from fluorocarbon to coated braids, it is the vital component in any rig and you have to have absolute confidence in what you use and that is why I use Kryston. Now  whilst I was trolling through Youtube in search of interesting  videos involving animals shot close up on wide angled lenses wearing hats I found this little gem of a video. I won’t bother trying to explain I will just let the master himself explain.big chub 150Kryston Hooklengths








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  1. I have used Kryston hook lengths, fluorocarbon and mainline for over 15 years and have found them excellent. Incognito is the best fluorocarbon in the world, and I have used the lot in my time, from barbel fishing to fly fishing.

    I wish Incognito was available in bulk spools,

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