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A very dangerous sport is angling…

A very dangerous sport is angling…Death walks amongst us daily. He looks on patiently just as we would study a  river for a suitable location from which to cast a line.



Some days he may satisfy himself with the angler that decided drinking 12 cans of Stella was a good way to pass the time, on others he may choose the long stay angler that was unaware that bacteria can breed faster than Africans, Pakistanis and Indians put together.

Whatever method Death chooses to employ one thing can be guaranteed, the outcome is terminal and without appeal, his scythe so sharp that it doesn’t sting, the recipient of such a blow completely oblivious until it is too late to argue.

 Some methods of collection can be painful in the extreme with the recipient begging to receive the scythe others are far more sedate affairs resulting from triping up at the waters edge, scrimping on thermals or falling out of trees!

As Anglers we should always be aware of the dangers that surround us at every turn…

 Because if we are not we could be in for a very nasty surprise indeed!

But however hard we try to avoid the slashing of the scythe we must always be aware that the end is inevitable, Death is very much like the modern day carp anglers that have a seemingly bottomless pit of leisure time at their disposal…With that in mind then we should never forget this one simple fact… “Everyday we get a little bit older and a little less potent”

Maybe we should cut down on the tackle we drag to our peg…Just in case Death is waiting for us when we get there!

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