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October Fishing Blog….Fingers crossed for the winter ahead!!

October blog already!!

It is unbelievable how fast time flies when you are having fun and how much faster it flies still when you are not… and of late, I am not. Nope, not much fun at all, the fishing has been “middling” at best and as for the rest of it, well I did 60 plus hours at work recently and I have to say it did me in, I am too old for doing 60 hours, my knees were creaking like a bastard and my back throbbed like a teenager in a lap dancing bar and to cap it off I ended up catching the lurgy!

Ok, before we get onto fishing I want to do a bit of politics, I will make no bones about it, I like The Daily Mail, it is my type of newspaper and so I have no shame in saying that I thought the piece on Ralph Milliband was “bang on the money”. The man hated Britain and he hated British values, his son Ed said that this was not so and his father loved Britain because it gave his father the security  he craved. Ralph Milliband is lauded as a Socialist Academic ( well that is either a contradiction or an oxymoron, you choose) , I personally think the man was not only a moron but also an ungrateful, temperamental, ideological teenager when he wrote of the British  ” The British are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world… you sometimes want them almost to lose [the war] to show them how things are”.

If I had a time machine I would ask the question of Ralph Milliband ” Tell me Ralph,  how are “things”? Or should I say how would “things” have been if we British were not so suspicious of the continent and how would things have panned out for “you” if we nationalistic British had indeed lost the war or had chosen not to fight the war in the first place and sacrifice our Empire in doing so?

For a so-called intelligent man he was a stupid bloody boy, if Britain had lost the second world war Ralph Milliband’s days would have been numbered, as a Jew he would have been rounded up by the now occupying German forces and disposed of via the “Final Solution”, the European Jew would have been consigned to history.

Fighting World War II cost the British a lot of blood and was for all intents and purposes the end of our Empire, something  which Ralph Milliband thought the “biggest humiliation” and we did this to save his life and countless others, I only wish the ungrateful bastard had gone to Sorbibor for processing instead of arriving upon our shores where he was given the freedom to spout his vile anti-British bile.

This is why I believe immigrants and their first generation offspring should be barred from British politics, they carry too much of their own political baggage that they simply forget to leave behind. We Brits don’t want their cancerous political and religious views foisted upon us in their attempt to mold our “Great” nation into something of their own because Ralph Milliband’s vision of a future Britain was a Marxist vision that centered around  the one “simple” sentence “From each according to his ability and to each according to his needs”  and if you are a simple minded person that may seem to be a recipe for paradise…But it is instead a recipe for disaster.

That statement is fundamentally flawed and is the reason that Marxism and Communism alike have given nothing but misery to humanity, because the correct sentence should actually be ” From each according to their ability and to each what they deserve”

I believe in a meritocracy where those that strive succeed in life whatever their beginnings, I don’t blindly buy into the whole class structure but on the same note I don’t dismiss it either, it serves a purpose as there have to be leaders and there have to be workers, but that doesn’t mean because a person is the child  of a leader they automatically gain my allegiance and respect, no that position has to be paid for by sweat and endeavor.

Socialist however cannot understand my position, they like everyone in their place, they cannot understand the wisdom of my words but what do you expect from these so called “Socialist Academics”, most of them were and are so unbelievably thick that they would struggle to tie their own shoelaces.

End of politics!

Start of fishing!!



There are some bloody good fish inA decent little Brown Trout the River Don in Sheffield, my fishing partner Martin currently holds the CSG River Don record for chub with a fish of exactly 4lb, it was a bulky squat looking fish that had the appearance of a fish that enjoyed eating the odd Minnow and Gudgeon now and again, in fact it wasn’t dissimilar to those short fat “tadpole” Trent chub. River Don CSG Chub Recordthe chub however come a little way down the ladder when it comes to numbers, it is my opinion that they trail in at third place behind Trout and Grayling but ahead of Roach, Perch and Barbel, I won’t count the species such as Minnows and Gudgeon as they are simply fodder fish nor will I include pike and carp as they are pretty rare up in Sheffield but they are not unknown. Anyway I am digressing, I decided to have a couple of hours chub fishing on the Don this week with a lad from work, it could only be a short session as I was expected to pick Olivia up from school and then be up at Bowden Houstead Fields to try to get some shots of spiders a.diadematus ( dark morph) before they all drop their eggs and disappear for another year, I like spiders, they are fascinating creatures but they are not fish therefore they do little to calm my moods and make me happy so it was a no-brain’er when Shaun asked if I fancied a bit of fishing.

Armed with only a rod and reel, a loaf of bread, a few spare hooks, a disgorger  and some SSG shot along with 20kg of assorted “other shit” that I needn’t bother taking with me I felt that I hadn’t quite mastered the whole trimmed back fishing style but compared with the Trent session look I wasa tidy little Trout! practically nude! The fishing was pretty good and by the time I was ready for leaving I had taken 6 decent Brownies but no chub, although I did speak with a chap that had taken two earlier that day so they are they to go at, it is just a matter of getting through the Trout!


Cover Shot!!


I have never had a full cover on a national magazine before so I was quite chuffed when I got thisCAT MAG COVER!! months edition of CAT through the post, it ticks off another box of things that I want to do in angling, my next project will be to get something published in a European magazine and after that I want to do something for a carp magazine and then a predator magazine…I may even go for one of the trout titles as well but for that I may have to buy a bit of new gear as my fly fishing kit is a little ropy to say the least, in fact my brother Jamie will only allow me to use his spare rod when we are fishing together as mine is embarrassing.

I don’t think it is embarrassing just a little more “vintage”, in fact I reckon my gear has a combined age of around 75 years…not bad eh!

Anyway getting back to the cover shot on CAT I seriously cannot urge anyone hard enough to get themselves a subscription http://www.coarseanglingtoday.co.uk/subscription_offers.html as it is a fantastic magazine and something we as anglers need to support.

The internet is fine and logging into websites such as mine is ok…BUT…We need “paper” titles, they generate income and keep angling’s profile on view.

Oh…And if I can do an article for CAT, pretty much anyone can…get a camera, take some shots…start writing!

If you wish to write for this magazine or any of our other then please drop us a line to

Predator Publications Ltd,
East Yorkshire
HU15 2QG

Or email us at editorial@coarseanglingtoday.co.uk with details.


Trent Roach!!

I am currently working on another article for CAT A proper clonker...equal to a 13lb barbel in my opinion that revolves around the Trent’s silver fish population, this year I have had some great sport with the roach landing fish to 1lb 15oz which is only small potatoes when compared to the beasts of Lochnaw but a proper monster nonetheless from the Trent.

I am also hoping to get a good mate of mine to do a little article on another of the Trent’s silver fish species “The Bleak”

My old school mate Matt Corker used to rip the place apart using thin strips of spunk stained sheet fished shallow, I am hoping that he will divulge some of his secrets, especially how he managed to procure a supply of dirty bed linen from one of Sheffield busiest brothels when he was only 15 years of age.

I am sure the story will be a good one!

And finally

The Hook Bait Company now has a direct link from my from my front page…give it a click and get your selves some “Flakey” and “Gloop” for winter…You know it makes sense!!

a decent Trent chub!



10 Responses to “October Fishing Blog….Fingers crossed for the winter ahead!!”

  1. Stick to the fishing stuff Lee. A very biased and unbalanced piece regarding Ralph Milliband and wishing him dead is just about as low as you can get. Poor show.

  2. Ralph Milliband was about as poor a show as one could ever wish to get, saved from almost certain death he still had the temerity to dissect our “nature”, like the Daily Mail editor stated ” He stands by every word written” as do I.

    My only regret when it comes to ungrateful bastards like him is that we ever fought the war in the first place, his son Ed stated that his father loved the “Security” Britain gave him, that security was the freedom that was won by fighting the war and that freedom came at a very high price.

    And for him to then question Britain and Britishness and to devote his life to the deconstruction of the British “establishment” is an insult that cannot pass.

    Like I said, he should have stayed on the continent if he hated our rabid nationalism so much and taken a Zyclon B shower instead.

  3. Ungrateful bastards like him? At no point have you mentioned or even acknowledged in the slightest that RM fought in the war, so you and I would be able to have this discussion many years later! A shamefully, biased argument some may think? I’m not sure whether you’re unaware of the facts or you just refuse to paint the true picture with your ‘words of wisdom’ because you don’t agree with it?

    Again mate, stick to the fishing blogs and please stop wishing horrible deaths on people. If somebody said the above about your father, I’ve no doubts you wouldn’t be very happy.

  4. He fought in the Royal Navy for three years of which he said it was his greatest Socialist experience, tens of thousands of Polish fought along side British forces in the Second World War with great distinction, bravery and honour.

    The difference being after the war they didn’t set about trying to alter the fabric of the UK.

    Joseph Stalin took Russia to victory in the second world war…He was also in charge of the Great Purge and also the Holodomor of the Ukraine and the construction of Labour camps resulting in the death of millions…Was he a nice man?

    Leonid Brezhnev fought in the second world war with distinction, he also brutally put down the Czech uprising and invaded Afghanistan before his death in 1982…Was he a nice man?

    Marxism/Communism isn’t “nice”, it’s values are not “nice” the Professional Revolutionaries such as Milliband Snr were not “nice” people so that being the case just because a person is dead doesn’t mean they become “nice”

    As for wishing horrible deaths on people look to the “professional revolutionaries” when you want to apportion blame, be that the “Socialist Academic “type or we have a new wave of them now to focus on they are called “Islamic Scholars”

    I don’t wish horrible deaths on people I just see that it may have been better for us as a nation if certain people with certain values never made it to our shores.

  5. Massive difference between an Islamic scholar and and an Islamic fundamentalist, but you can just keep digesting what the Daily Fail feeds you ;-)

    “I only wish the ungrateful bastard had gone to Sorbibor for processing” – how does this not constitute wishing somebody dead? Are you trying to justify it by asking me to blame ‘Socialist Academics’ and ‘Islamic Scholars’. Seems like a kind of “if it’s ok for them to say it, it’s ok for me” kind of attitude don’t you think?

    Please don’t for one second think that you speak for me (“we Brits”), or in my opinion, the vast majority of Brits. You don’t. It’s not even like your Bullingdon friends won a majority government anyway and I’m getting a bit tired of right wing idiots saying they speak for me. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

    I’ll leave you in peace on your blog now. Used to enjoy your articles but I’ll happily miss out now knowing the kind of person you are.

    Nice chub btw and well done on your front cover

  6. If you actually count the votes for the Conservatives in England…They won by a country mile :O)

    Your opinion and my opinion are divergent.

    I value your right to question my opinion, hence the reason you haven’t been “spammed”

    Also I am not affiliated to any political party, I am an “individual” and believe that the best way to run a country is with “independent thinkers” rather than political sheep.

    Ralph Milliband was political poison and the apples of his loins did not fall far from the tree.

  7. * I also wish Adolph Hitler had died in child birth
    * Tony Blaire had slipped and broken his neck
    * Gordon Brown had dropped a television in his bath
    * David Blunkett had walked into fast moving traffic
    * Ian Huntley had miscarried
    * Myra Hindley had succumbed to polio
    * Fred and Rose West had drowned at sea

    The list is long…..

  8. But Blunketts a wednesdayite!!! Lol. Good read as always mate

  9. Fuck Blunkett…The man is a faker, he has never been a proper Wednesdayite… I bet he cannot even tell me what David Hirst looks like and he wouldn’t recognise Chris Waddle if he walked past him on the street

    His dog on the other hand….

  10. Fuck me Lee agree with your opinions on RM and cant stand the idiot of a son , but wow you got better takes than the trent has been throwing lately . Fished the Don years ago and there was some big carp in one stretch along with some very special roach fishing , The canal at Tinsley actually held my pb chub at 5lb 2oz up until 2 years ago , Looking forward to the Roach article for CAT , was disappointed to see they put an article by Bob James in this month

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