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Hello, once again it has been a while between blogs, not because I have nothing to say but rather what I have to say may offend and that is probably not the best way to start a blog…It’s ok being a little bit inflammatory on occasion and I admire anyone with the balls to call a spade a spade but that is’t going to do shag all for me if I get arrested on some trumped up hate crime charge now is it?

Anyway were should I start?

Well the river season is now well on the way and everything is looking fine  and dandy…The new baits from The Hookbait Company seem to beThe Hook Bait Company performing very well during my trials and one or two decent fish have come to the net, a decent crucian in less than clement weathernothing massive but fish all the same. If I am honest I really struggle with the Closed Season because as I have said a thousand times before, for the most part  I do not like the feeling of claustrophobia that I find I have when fishing the still waters.

I hate having people in the next peg that I do not know…I am not a social angler.

That said however I don’t mind fishing theIMG_8432 larger than average still waters that we sometimes find hold some very nice larger than average fish.

I think with me that apart from the claustrophobia there is also the not liking to be told what to do factor as well because I am sure that come June 16th I will be fishing for both bream and tench!

After I have had a couple of days on the river where I REALLY fancy busting the 15lb barrier for barbel this season, last season I had a fish of 14lb 1oz on my first barbel14lb 1oz Trent Barbel caught by Lee Swords session  the fish was holding spawn and several other barbel that I caught over that 24 hour period were also still gravid, something that makes a complete hash of the reasons why we are still observant of a piece of outdated legislation…I mean for crying out loud, if  we are in an age where men can marry men and women can marry women what is the big deal on me fishing the Trent?


We have evolved to the point where it is an actual  crime to be disparaging on the prospects of children being brought up in a in the less than conventional homes of same-sex partnerships on the basis that it is better that there are two same sex parents giving love and encouragement to a child than a pair of complete heterosexual wankers that have such poor quality DNA that they themselves should have been drowned at birth rather than supported by the Welfare State so that they can produce one low grade child with almost zero prospects every 12 months that is nothing more than a drain on the worlds oxygen bank.

And pushing further on that theme, it isn’t like I want to complicate the Closed Season issue by wishing to adopt an Otter of foster a Red Clawed Signal Crayfish now is it?

All I want is equality.

Because if two men can get married in Snow White style wedding dresses and two women can dress up in Black Leather and get hitched to the tunes of Beth Ditto why the Hell can I not go fishing on the Trent in May?

Am I a bad person that is unfit to be close to a riverbank during the months of April and May?Did my presence or that of the dozens of other anglers in residence prevent the Grebes from nesting successfully on everyone of the still waters that I have fished over the last few weeks?


Ok, lets have a little bit of politics from my neck of the woods…

UKIP has won its first council seat in South Yorkshire , well it has been coming for a while! UKIP beat the Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright’s wife Lisa Marie who was defending Mr Wright’s former ward for Labour.

Mr Wright had represented Rawmarsh on the Rotherham Council but gave up the seat after being elected to the Police and Crime Commissioner role to oversee the county’s police force, something I have to admit fill me with dread because i have to be honest the average Labour politician would struggle to tie their shoes let alone run something so complex as a police Force.

UKIP, which came a shock second in the Rotherham Parliamentary by election in November, beat Lisa Marie Wright by 104 votes and I am very bloody glad they did too! The anti-EU and immigration party’s candidate Caven Vines took 1,143 votes, compared with 1,039 for Mrs Wright who was in my opinion taking advantage of a situation to indulge herself in some blatant nepotism.

Was she going to keep the seat warm for her husband whist he stuck his nose in a different trough?

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, we need people to get out and vote and vote with intelligence and passion and not because that’s what my grandad voted for…

Did their granddads fight a war so big profit making companies could outsource their call centers to India? or so that Human Resources can suppress wage rates by using low-paid immigrant agency staff instead of unemployed British workers? No.

And their granddad’s certainly didn’t fight a war so that the country could be carved up into ghettos so that different sections of society feel at home.

its all bollocks…Politicians in all the big three parties needs to understand that they are working for the people and not their own interests and ideals.

Labour certainly forgot that and anyone that says otherwise is kidding themselves on or is on the gravy train. Labour said “tough on crime tough on causes of crime”…bollocks….they also said ” British Jobs for British people”…Laughable shite from a one eyed Scottish toss bag that didn’t know the meaning of prudence if it came up and bit his dick off.

Young Sheffield Poet wins national award for her sonnet

Fourteen year old Imogen Cassel’s Crow’s Sonnet was chosen by Julia Donaldson, Children’s Laureate and author of the award-winning The Gruffalo, as winner of the RSPB’s 2012 Wildverse poetry competition. Here it is.

Crow Sonnet

A typical lovebirds we, two bat black

lumps, weighing on a branch. but sun is bright

for February, and lights up no lack

of love in me, for you. you are as right

as rain, no nightly colour nestles now

in your soft, soft feathers, just charcoal shades

to gloss you up, upon a skinflint bough.

my oily jewel, queen of silver leaves, blades

of grass. I love your clumsiness, flying -

your heavy wingbeats, but most of all

your ragged croaking, or singing sighing,

it is to me. your eyes, so sharp, enthral.

crows, approximations of sweeter birds,

not lesser, we just woo in darker words.

 by Imogen Cassels

I think it superb that one so young has such a grasp of language as to craft something so wonderful, so insightful and when all is said and done, so correct. I occasionally play around with poetry but can not claim to have ever come up with something so fantastic, I wish Imogen Cassels a fine future in poetry, I don’t however feel she will need my luck as she is well equipped with natural talent.





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