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April Blog Part One

Well the Weather is a bit shit innit!

April already?! Well here is my April Blog part one, it is suposed to be a fishing blog But I have to be honest, I am not going out in this…ITrout bag from Pennine fishery just cannot face it. The rods are ready to go but the will to take them is not in me yet, I am in need of a recharging. Hopefully that will come next week when I go out fly fishing for the first time for a while, the venue looks tremendous I just hope that it is ice free when I get there! the only downside to fly fishing for me though is the cost, I am not in a position where I can throw around £30-£50  on a day ticket every week of the year, it is a treat type thing I use as a moral booster to lift me back into the general day to day fishing.

Generally for big trout I use Pennine but the year previous we traveled down to Lechlade in Oxfordshire which I have to admit was a disappointment as the average weight was nowhere near what was On the ladyboweradvertised, the pegs used on the John Wilson program are off limits and the water clarity was only moderate at best but the facilities are great and the female member of staff was very polite and extremely helpful so it wasn’t a complete waste of cash.

But once that is out of my system I will be wanting to get up onto the Ladybower because its a little bit cheaper and a hell of a lot bigger and I like bigger, bigger really does float my boat, bigger rivers, bigger lakes, bigger fish, bigger head…bigger=better :O)


YouTube the next frontier…

My camera shoots video ! It is ace! So over the next few weeks when the weather eventually gets over itself and cheers the hell up I will be starting a video channel on YouTube…or Redtube if the guys at YouTube won’t have me. I don’t expect that many people will learn much because my rule of fishing is the keep it simple for successful angling, what they may get however is a few laughs. the problem with a written blog is it lacks a little context at times and I come over a bit too nasty, when in reality I haven’t got a nasty bone in my body, I am just a little ‘cold’ and opinions are black and white because I very rarely compromise an opinion, I may change opinions from time to time but I rarely water them down. I treat my opinions like I treat my whisky.

The Twitter Grows!!


Anyway lets hope the weather improves because when its too cold to fish it leaves me with far too much time on my hands to follow my other passion in life…Politics…Right-wing politics. This week I was amused to find that my 100th follower was the UKIP party. It really did make me smile that they came for me rather than me go for them. I only hope that the Conservatives and UKIP can get together around the table and sort a deal out because we are in need of some hard changes and a Con-Dem Government can only deliver them in dilute form.

” I should be able to spend my benefits on what I like”

Fat ugly scrounging cheeky fat bitch…It’s not her benefits, she isn’t poor, she isn’t vulnerable, she is fucking lazy and she is the result of Labour’s Welfare package that allowed her type to make the lifestyle choice to be a parasite and whilst I am at it if I get my hands on the journalist that keeps harping on about the poor only getting a 1% increase in their benefits I will kick him or her in a very delicate place of their anatomy…What pay rise will I be getting this year? Probably none and i sweat my bollocks off  keeping her and her ilk in White Lightening and knock off fags.

She should get herself a job…preferably on a firing range.


Labour peer Lord Ahmed apologises to Jewish community

Lord Ahmed apologised to the Jewish community not because he feels that his turn of phrase was unacceptable but because he was caught saying it, what a weak willed pathetic individual he is.

He was jailed for 16 weeks for sending a text message whilst driving a stupid action that cost a completely innocent bloke his life, that isn’t a ‘Jewish conspiracy’ that is a bloke in a privileged position getting off lightly because if I had been the judge he was standing before I would have given him 16 years as an example to others that think that they are immune from the Law of the land and whilst at it the whole ‘Lord’ bollocks would be stripped away…what is he a Lord for anyway…is it part of an Islamist conspiracy or was his name pulled out of a hat by some right-on Labour type in an effort to promote a little ethnicity in the House of Lords by practicing a spot of positive discrimination.

(He was freed by the Court of Appeal after serving 16 days of the 16 week the sentence because of “exceptional” mitigation relating to his community work…I bet that made the dead mans family feel a whole lot better and is certain proof that the authorities had it in for him,,,NOT)

I have always liked Paolo Di Canio and I have always thought David Milliband to be a complete c*nt!

“Labour MP David Milliband has resigned from the board of Sunderland FC because of new manager Paolo Di Canio’s “past political statements”.

Personally I don’t care if Paolo Di Canio openly claims to be a fascist, it his his right as a human to choose his own politics, politics shaped by his own life experiences, what I do know about Di Canio is that he was a cracking footballer and is an very impassioned person. What I know about David Milliband is that he personally took part in a social experiment that has probably resulted in the ruination of my country.

Paolo Di Canio in 2005

I think it rather pathetic that poor little Davey Boy has spat his noo-noo out because Sunderland have hired a bloke with opposing political opinions…Ahhh is  poor little Davey still feeling all sorry for himself after his brother stabbed him in the back and pissed on his dreams of being in charge of the country. What a cock-end!

So we all have to follow the Socialist ideal then if we are to fit into the grand scheme of the Milliband’s? Or is it that the Milliband Clan are Jewish? Now I don’t want to go down that track and I certainly don’t condone the murder of women and children but if some of the surviving  Jews had learned a little bit of fucking humility in Auschwitz then maybe, just maybe the Middle East wouldn’t be such a mess as it is now.

So wind your fucking neck in Dave and fuck off to America and do every patriotic Briton a favour and don’t come back. What you did to this country was a  disgrace and tantamount to treason.

As a  Sheffield Wednesday fan and long time follower of Mr. Di Canio I wish him all the best in the world!!



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  1. Totally agree with it all again Lee ,I’ve had to take a 5% pay cut and we aint on that good money then I see that poor excuse for a human for fuck sake there must be something we can do to stop these parasites !!!!!!!!!!!! and as for Milliband think its definitely a race thing with him , the chips they have on their shoulders would feed Africa for a year

  2. I must amdit I do like the jaunty angle she has her hat on

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