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A guest article by Owen Whalley…Short session carp fishing

Whilst I was out barbel fishing on the mighty Trent recently I decided to use my Samsung Galaxy to check in on my e-mails, (handy thing is this mobile internet mallarky) in my inbox was a letter asking for advice on how to become a sponsored angler from a lad of 14, now my advise to anyone that age is the same….

“Catch some fish and have some fun…But, if that is the path you choose to take be prepared to do some work, write a few articles and work on the PB list”

Twenty four hours later I have this in my inbox….To say the lad is keen is an understatement!

So here it is….

Short session carp fishing

By Owen Whalley.


I had a lot on today, so I couldn’t get to the lake as early as I would have liked to have and grabbed  one of my confident swims, by the time I turned up at the lake it was 11.30am…. But that didn’t stop me ! I was going fishing!

I turned up at Trebellan coarse fishery full of confidence. I chose this venue because it has three lakes to go at. A specimen lake which is the one I would normally fish but as I got to the lake late it was already very busy and  two lakes at the top which are slightly smaller “runs waters” that give a better chance of a catching a carp to a beginner.

Not wanting to be pressed in by the crowds I chose to fish the two  top lakes, one of them was also packed but the other was completely free I really don’t know why there wasn’t anyone on that lake as I think it’s better than the other one. After a quick mooch around it was obvious that there were plenty of fish cruising around on the top so I got my floater rod and set up for free lining a dog biscuit. I always enhance my dog biscuits to make them even tastier for the fish, I like to have an edge over everyone else so I did that then chucked about a handfuls worth where I had  seen them cruising, in no ti,me at all a couple of small carp of about 7-8lb SAM_0192stopped and had a munch.

So, casting as carefully as I could, I placed my dog biscuit just passed them and reeled it onto them and almost immediately a  bow wave surrounded my baited area and I was  into a small but hard fighting carp! it soon tired and  after a few minutes it was landed. What a good start!



How I prepared my super enticing dog biscuits.

Start off by putting your chosen dog biscuits into your container.





Then add your chosen liquid in this case it was sweet molasses




Then add your chosen ground bait crumb it all depends on how much you add for the amount of dog biscuits you use.


Then mix it all around and when it is all coming together nice I then finish it off with  a dash of the pineapple supreme goo.



After unhooking and returning the fish it was obvious that the rest of the pack had  left the swim because of the disturbance of the fish that I caught. So I decided to do the same and vacate the swim, I had the lake all to myself after all.

SAM_0191I also decided to go on to my bottom set-up. This consisted of about 1ft of Korda Dark Matter tubing, an ESP adjustable lead clip, and one of my KD Rigs. I found a nice little spot which was suitable for 1 rod so that’s all I used it was a nice little open water area straight out in front of me so I cast slap bang in the middle of it.SAM_0207

If a break off would occur my swivel on my rig would pull out of the lead clip and the lead would easily slide off the line.

The hook bait I was using on my KD rig was a chopped down Mainline aromatic fish boilie with half a bait tech sweet coconut pop up to critically balance it.

After a while it was obvious that there were fish in the area but I wasn’t getting any action so I thought it was time to ring the changes a little bit so I took the pop up off and tried a bright pink avid sight stopSAM_0220 SAM_0203which wasn’t buoyant and as quite often happens when you give your presentation a little tweak instant results followSAM_0214… Very soon I was taking the hook out of  a nice common and about ten minutes after that I was doing it all over again, again another common gracing the net

It really started to kick off from then on with more fish falling to the Mainline aromatic fish boilies SAM_0217tipped with a bright pink avid carp sight stop .

I was struggling with the pop-ups and I am not confident that I would have caught on them so just that one simple change made the difference it caught me 5 lovely commons on a 4 hour day session…I was chuffed!


Thank you for reading my article.


Owen Whalley

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