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Teme Severn Baits..The end of an era

I am not the easiest person to offer a sponsorship deal to, I am a loud-mouthed and rather brash borderline psychopath type of a character with subtle hints of tourettes that can from time to time place me in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. In this day and age when companies want whiter than white characters that couldn’t possibly bring anything unsavoury to the table I found it rather humbling to be offered such a great sponsorship deal by Teme Severn Baits.

 Barbel society conference 2007

The year was 2007 and I had been booked to do a talk by the barbel society at their national conference…


The talk was as I remember it one of my more reserved affairs so on leaving the stage I found myself making my way back through the crowds and  into the main hall where all the stall were so that I could figure out how to spend my last twenty quid..Would it be bait or would it be another book?

Tony Miles was in attendance with Trefor West therefore I had already done a fair bit on books which they had graciously signed for me…along with the  rucksack of e-bay purchases I had brought with me on the off chance.

So I think my last £20 would be spent on something to catch the fish on rather than something that would teach me how to catch the fish in the first place…


That was the moment when Dave Mason stopped me and that was the point at which I became a very lucky man….” Would you like to come over and have a chat Lee, we have an offer for you”

I became part of a team along with anglers of  calibre such as Stuart Court, Simon Asbury,Rob Swindells, Mark Anderson, Ashley Burton, Lewis Baldwin and Mark “Frodo” Dutton (the essential Hobbit of the fellowship) to name but a few… some lasted the whole journey others like Gandalf does in the lord of the Rings broke away and set off on their own adventures..anyway I am drifting into the ridiculous, so I will crack on.

For the last five years I could not have wanted for a better partnership with a better company..they have been the best of years I have been invited down to give talks in front of the best barbel anglers in the country.

IMG_4068 Where I was privileged to meet up with some of the biggest names in angling such as Martin Bowler, Bob Church Peter Frost and a host of many more…

But as with all things in life nothing lasts forever. Ill health has taken a toll on Dave and a sluggish market has done the rest.

Teme Severn has decided to cease trading.

What has not ceased however are the friendships that I have made, they will endure.

Of that I am certain!

Teme Severn and lee swords


Stephen Hitch and Dave Mason of  TEME



Lee Swords barbel








16 Responses to “Teme Severn Baits..The end of an era”

  1. Nice write up lee

  2. F*#k!! Where am I going to get my lamprey pellets and paste from now?

  3. Indeed…Contact them asap there are some left …but not many!!

  4. Cracking write up Lee, you summed it up perfectly… a real shame though.

  5. Excellent article Lee; and sad news re Teme Severn.

  6. well said lee,
    when rob put the notice up last night it genuinely sank my heart, such a shame to see a local business be lost in this on going downturn,
    absolutely gutted

  7. [...] Teme Severn Baits..The end of an era [...]

  8. Lee, we all hate change especially when things are good but you know when one door shuts another opens good luck Alan..

  9. smashing write up Lee and to the point! Dave was a massive influence in Teme-Severn and is a special guy that has pushed so many of us on

  10. Nice one lee, a great team and a special bunch of lads

    rip t7

  11. Still got a few pellets left, used them for many a year and never changed as there was no need.
    Ah well
    Thanks Teme7

  12. Just about to put in an order to Teme Severn for some lamprey based products for forthcoming river season when I found out theyd closed down.Very saddened.
    Does anyone know where I can obtain similar lamprey products from i.e. pellets,boilies,paste,glug

  13. You could try contacting them as there may be a few left in stock or you could do what I have done and move over to The Hook Bait Company stuff. Whilst I had massive success on Salips and Lamprey I have not tried to find copies of them but rather taken this as a chance to experiment and move on, THB have been around for many years and their range has scored some major sucesses

  14. Sad to hear Teme Severn is no more, Is someone else going to be producing and supplying the Lamprey baits, if not, I would be interested in doing this. Perhaps the receivers would like to contact me

  15. Great write up but so sad to see you not trading anymore. Had quite a bit of my own personal stock but down to the last bags of my favourite pellets :-(

    Just wondered if you and your fellow partnesrs would be interested in selling the ingredients to the pellets?

    Many Thanks,


  16. Phone this chap AC Baits 07811829089

    Andy Clitheroe and Dave Mason are doing Lamprey ( original)

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