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September blow out fishing blog …but if you don’t do religion or politics please don’t read it…with some fishing involved

I know this is a fishing blog of sorts but Anjem Choudary is a complete cock of a man, I cannot even look at his face without getting the urge to pull a trigger and his recent forays onto American TV have done nothing to displace this anger I have within me so I am of the opinion that it would be best if I just “offer him out”.

That’s right Anjem, I am offering you out, I am taking advantage of a mans age old right to ask for unarmed combat to allow the Gods to decide on a winner. Me versus you, my faith against your faith, winner takes all. No champions, no substitutes, no weapons just you and me.

You win and I will convert to your pathetic stone age, backwards looking doctrine of hate intolerance bigotry and murder…

but when I win you will have shave that stupid cunting beard off and  take that fucking crocheted doillie off your thick skull so that you can become a constructive member of the twenty-first Century rather than a fucking human ships anchor that ties people to the filth century and all the bollocks that entails.

So come on Anjem…will Allah protect you?

Have you got the bollocks to pitch your God against mine?

My Gods go back a lot longer than yours does so I suppose you could take that as a sign they are decrepit, old and weak, so what have you got to fear?

Come on Anjem, come to Sheffield and risk it all to make a convert out of me or an apostate out of yourself…Have you got the bollocks?

September 11

I posted this on Facebook on the morning of 9/11

“Thirteen years ago I was on a cross-trainer at the Fitness First gym on Halifax Road when I noticed something on the TV screen in front of me, smoke coming through clouds…was it a volcano? As the News Helicopter that was shooting the footage got closer it became apparent that something catastrophic had occurred….One of the twin towers of the World Trade Center was on fire…then it happened…A plane flew into the other tower. My first thought was a dumb one ” I hope nobody has been killed” shortly followed by a second one ” How could such an accident happen?” It wasn’t an accident, Islamic terrorists had taken over numerous jetliners and were flying them into prominent buildings, using them as missiles…At that point in time I chose my side. I am against Islam and everything it stands for, it is barbaric, archaic, intolerant, bigoted and hate filled, it promotes murder mayhem, carnage, rape, pedophilia and oppression, it makes slaves of non-believers and it traps the human form in the past by stopping the rightful progression of evolution. If you want a better future for the next generations you had better pick sides, don’t sit on the fence, don’t take the safe option, pick a fucking side and have the bollocks to stand up against the evil that Islam is”

It had some feedback, some with me and some against me, I am not bothered, I have chosen my side and I am certain I know right from wrong. As Pamela Gellar says ” In the war between the barbarian and the civilised man…always choose the civilised man”

For those that say the majority of Muslims are good people and are simply following a different path in life watch this next video, it proves beyond any shadow of a doubt why such atrocities emanate from this twisted creed…its mental…I mean why would anyone tie themselves to something so barbaric and outdated? And before anyone says “Yes…but that is in context with ISIS and has nothing to do with the average man on the street” I say this

Where the fuck is the silent majority of Muslims that are outraged at what is being carried out in the name of Islam and Allah? Where are the billions on men and women saying ” No…Not in my name!!”

When I see them on the streets, I will reevaluate my stance on Islam but until then I will look at it with nothing but loathing and contempt.

Bowden Houstead falls to the morons at Sheffield City Council…and will we still vote Labour again next time around?

Will Sheffield be so fucking dumb as to return these tossers to power the next time we go to the polls? I really really hope not for the next generations sake!bowden houstead

Look at the pitiful state of Labour in South Yorkshire local politics, they are inept, corrupt, un-skilled out of their depth and idealistically flawed…Look at the mess that Rotherham is with the sexual exploitation of its children!pota cabins on Bowden Houstead

These people are morally bankrupt and could not run a bloody bath never mind cities and that is why to add insult to injury the Council that runs Sheffield has seen fit to pass landmark decisions to pass building contracts on Greenbelt and adopted Greenbelt land that may open the floodgates to similar planning applications across the area where money grabbing contractors. The locals are not happy at losing their green sites as we do not have enough of them to start with and when they have been worked on so hard over the previous years it really does stick in the throat.

I hope this dereliction of duty by my local council will be provocation enough to get people ticking boxes come the next election. Sheffield needs change, Britain needs change!!

Shaun Wright South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

What a cock end this man is, what a diabolically inept morally corrupt piece of politically motivated crap!! This is a man that has known for years that there is a “grooming issue” in regards to vulnerable young girls but chose to do nothing, well… nothing but sweep away evidence of this problem and hide away the catastrophic scale of the situation.

I am not a blind fool, I have seen with my own eyes young girls carrying off with all man of scum bags, smoking drinking and taking drugs, Sheffield is a shit-hole of a City and one only has to keep their eyes open when in certain parts of town to see young girls following groups of men around like seagulls after fishing boats waiting for the scraps to be thrown overboard, the scraps in this instance being drugs, drink and cigarettes as well as the less obvious attention and affection( however twisted and corrupt that affection may be)

Shaun Wright as well as hundreds of employees from numerous Public Agencies were charged with the protection of these young people but instead they protected their own interests by protecting the “community ” so that they would maintain the status quo by reaping in their votes come election time.

Child protection by its very nature is not easy because the services involved much of the time have to protect the child from themselves as much as from others, self destructive behavior is rampant but protect they must EVEN IF IT MEANS CAUSING UPSET AND OFFENCE TO THE “COMMUNITY”

My only hope now is that the Police becomes involved and charges are pressed because what occurred with these children was a result of a gross dereliction of duty by multiple Public Agencies and the people involved need to be “taught a lesson”, it is no good reading the reports in the local and national papers that say ” Lessons have been learned”

No, my little leftie leaning friends, that is not acceptable anymore lessons will only have been learned when the judges start sending people down for this type of dereliction to duty.

As for those that raped and groomed these girls…Lock them up and throw away the key.

I was in Angling Times this week with my new hat on!

I bagged a couple of nice chub and sent in a short message of thanks to the Angling Times for the delivery of my new hat and a cheque for £80 ( which I have used to buy a 5lb 15oz Trent Chubnew trolley)

I needed a new trolley because the Nash Peg One chair trolley wasn’t quite upto the task of dragging my gear down to my preferred swims.

One thing I would ask of anyone thinking of marketing a trolley is this


That was the failing of the wheelie chair, well that and a frame that was a grade to light in construction, the concept is sound but the construction is flawed.

I suffered my first blank this week on the river!!!

Well…It wasn’t really a blank as I lost a decent fish on a snag because my wrist is injured which meant I failed to address a clutch issue fast enough to prevent a “ping off” having a clutch at the back of a reel is fine by me but it does mean that on occasion they can become knocked and the tension they will give line at can be changed dramatically, always make sure your clutch is correct at the commencement of fishing. as for the injury to the wrist….don’t fight like Trevor from Grand Theft Auto when being Franklin and doing one is an option.

Enough said.





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