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July Blog…Fishing the Trent and getting it all in perspective

Sometimes, I find that I can get more than a shade obsessed with something and that is when that something then becomes “something” bigger than what it actually is and I  go for it  like a dog with a bone!

It’s a personal character thing which has both positive and negative aspects so I will not call it a flaw…It’s a trait that I can’t change, in fact I won’t even try to change it because it is part of what I am but I must admit on occasion it does get on my nerves.

The Trent...Come and have a go if you think your hard enough

A recent example of this trait was when I did not win a Drennan Cup Weekly Award for a catch of fish I had on the Trent that pissed all over everything else reported that week…I was more than a shade pissed off that I did not win with a catch that included five double figure barbel to 13lb plus and two double figure bream as well as a host of chub to 6lb 9oz…A half ounce lead won't cut the mustard here!

Now I have calmed down about it, I can look at it with retrospect and make more a more judged opinion on the subject and the disapointment that I felt and after a period of quiet contemplation I have come to the conclusion that

1. ” Does it really matter?”


2. ” Who is the loser here?”

Let me answer “1″ first.

Does it really matter that I will never win a Drennan Weekly winners cap and badge with a catch of fish from the Trent ?

To me? Yes, but in the grand scheme of things? Not really.

Why is it important to me? Would the cap and badge make me a better angler? No, because in all honesty I am not a very good to start with anyway, I am just methodical and meticulous in how I approach the river but it would give me a certain amount of satisfaction to get one …but why do I need satisfaction?

Because it is my opinion that rivers like the Trent, Thames, Severn, Ribble and Wye are far more demanding to fish successfully and get consistent results from than some of the circus waters in the southern part of the UK that throw awards up like Sheffield University students throw up  greasy kebabs on a Saturday night and Sunday morning!

I have fished some of these southern “circus” waters and I have to say they are not hard, they demand a certain amount of precision and attention to detail and some demand a certain amount of time investment but after that there is no great mystery to them. you certainly don’t need to be an exceptional talent to do well on them.

But on the other hand I have also seen some of the big names in angling come up onto the Trent and make a complete pigs dick of fishing it, fishing the river itself is a challenge… More so than fishing an Oxfordshire gravel pit or small winding stream that a one legged pig could jump over.

Upper Kennet

So lets answer number “2″

So who is the loser?

Angling as a whole is the loser, the total and complete obsession in the AT with geographically situated  freak fish means that the next generation of anglers are spoon fed the belief that only “these” fish have merit when it comes to specimen hunting , leaving the predominately Northern but also to some extent South Western anglers with the belief that they are simply “no good” and lesser anglers to their South and South Eastern counterparts because they cannot get hold of the most prestigious awards in Great Ouse....less than an hour on the bankangling, which is in the cold light of day complete and utter bollocks because I have fished “darn sarf” and did not at any point feel anything other than slight amusement at how easy it is and a little pity at what I saw from some of the anglers because the simple fact of it is anglers that are raised on hard waters over a long period of time become better anglers…

Northern anglers are therefore for the most part better anglers because we have been forged in the fire of adversity rather than spoon fed easy to catch freaks, some of the rigs that I have seen below Watford wouldn’t get a bite up north if they were smeared in royal jelly and dusted with caviar powder.First trip to Linear...Bingo!

Which isn’t to say all southern anglers are poor, they are not, far from it but they are also not the best either and when all is said and done they have a disproportionate number of ” successful” average anglers that wouldn’t do much at all up north.

The Angling Times needs to see that the UK specimen  fishing scene doesn’t end half way up the M1 and reflect that fact or it faces extinction as it becomes evermore irrelevant to the masses.

Anyway…Moving on.

The Season is rolling along quite well, I set myself a target of 100 barbel with 10 doubles and sixty chub over 4lb, at this moment in time I am on 14 barbel with 6 doubles ( tidy ratio) and 10 chub to 6lb 9oz , the successful bait has been what I call a “gloopy”

The Hook Bait Company GloopA “Gloopy” is for all intents and purposes a pellet or boillie with a booster pack that delivers a highly concentrated hit within a small area, this week however I suffered a blank as the mercury went through the roof and brought every nutter with a pair of speedos or Bermuda shorts out for a picnic on the Trent!A "gloopy"

The whole thing was insane, swimmers canoes, bonfires and bbq’s….I think I will try to go nocturnal whilst the weather stays mild, I am an antisocial beast at heart and the sight of  a dozen young girls of 18 and 19 prancing around in my favourite peg like a troop of performing seals is not what I want to be faced with at my age!

No! I just want to see the rod tip wrap around…So if you are like me…get in touch with Darren at the Hook Bait Company and get yourself some Gloop!! and make yourself some gloopy’s!!




European Court of Human Rights is in parts made up of a bunch of dog shit eating Lawyers and Judges that wouldn’t know the concept of human rights if I was to nail gun it to their foreheads…

The Court of Human Rights is to rule on whether or not “whole life terms” are inhuman and degrading and violate a prisoners rights by removing all possibility of freedom…

Are they having a laugh?

Let me spell it out for these morons… H-U-M-A-N-R-I-G-H-T-S…When a person steps outside the parameters of decent human behavior and commits a crime that is not what is classed as acceptable they become what is known as “inhuman”, this is reflected within the reporting of a crime as in the police will be quoted in the media  as saying something along the lines of ” This is the worst crime scene we have witnessed in many years, the level of violence was inhuman” or ” The victim was stabbed 128 times with such ferocity that the blade of the knife used in the attack snapped, we have not seen such an attack as this in many years, it was truly horrific”

Ok, the scene has been set…The crime was inhuman.

Therefore HUMAN RIGHTS do not fucking apply you tossers!

What about the rights of the victims families? Can these European Judges and defense Lawyers reverse time and give them back their loved one? Can they reverse time and returnsome measure of peace of mind to those that are left behind serving out their “whole life term”…Can they do that?

Take for example the Defence Lawyer of  Douglas Vinter, one of the men that has managed to get this before the ECoHR for review, In 2008, Vinter admitted killing his wife Anne White, only three years previously he had been released from prison in after serving just nine years for murdering a colleague.

Vinter’s solicitor, Simon Creighton, said the purpose of the legal challenge was to ensure all sentences have the right of review built into them ”A whole life sentence without the right of review is at odds with modern democracy and sentencing,” he told BBC Radio 5 live.

At odds with modern democracy?

Are you having a laugh? If the rule of democracy was followed then Vinter along with the rest of the murderous bastards currently residing within the British Prisons Service would have been strung up at the end of a rope!!

Lawyers that carry our such cases as this make me want to vomit in disgust, how they can argue in favour of such vile creatures as these has me believe that they themselves are just as sick and twisted and if I was a religious man have me believe that they work hand in hand with Satan himself, how they can look at themselves in a mirror is beyond me.

Let us hope sanity prevails and these people on whole life tariffs stay on whole life tariffs.

And once again lets move on…

I won’t go too far into the Abu Quatada deportation excepting to say ” Good riddance” to bad rubbish, the man is not compatible with a modern progressive society, he is an archaic stone age relic that has no place in my country, his values are shit, his ideals are below contempt….he is a sick little puppy!

And taking of sick little puppies one of Quatada’s fellow Islamic scholars Sheikh Yussef al-Badri was on the BBC web site arguing the virtues of female circumcision which basically means removing a girls vagina and replacing it with little more than a hole saying that it gives the females common sense in the area of sex…You what?

Then again I should not be surprised at the amount of shit that pours out of the mouth of a bloke that has a fucking tea towel wrapped around his head, the sad part of this story is people actually listen to him…

And back to fishing…

Martin Womble with a 4 off the Don

This month I will either be fishing in the dark or on the Don A nice trout off the DonI will also concentrate a little effort into getting a carp over 20lb…I will probably fail…but I will be using dog biscuits and lots of them…who knows…I might get lucky!

Tight lines!




8 Responses to “July Blog…Fishing the Trent and getting it all in perspective”

  1. Cracking read as always Lee

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    I recently had a catch which knocked yours for six – I have not the slightest motivation to report it to the angling press.

    Just enjoy your catch for what it’s worth to you.

  3. Aye you are not wrong Shaun…We should all strive to enjoy fishing for fishing’s sake a bit more :0)

  4. It will never happen Lee. I remember posting them a catch comprising a 15lb barbel and a massive TT Chub only to lose to a 2lb 3oz roach from down south.

  5. Jon, I have never seen a picture of a chub with the girth of that fish…it was colossal!!!

  6. Your blog would be a better read if it just focused on the angling exploits and avoided any of the Daily Mail style (and, seriously, if you do read the DM you should think about stopping: you’ll be happier person for staying away from the disinformation and paranoia it peddles)

  7. Lee yet again a cracking read and absolute through out , Angling Times been going 60 years , god knows how with how crap its been for the last 5+ years

  8. KC how old are you? I am a rather badly preserved 44 and unfortunately for me I can remember what the Great British Isles were like when things were not so politically sterile and multicultural, nope, things were not perfect, I remember the winter of discontent and what Thatcher did to Northern Industry was criminally shortsighted…but I will defend my right to say what I want about what I want when I want to and in what terms.

    The EU is a fuckwit of an idea
    Mass immigration has doomed a generation of British kids to the scrapheap
    Foreign wars started by Tony Blair have near on bankrupted the nation
    Islam is nothing but a compilation of shit ideas peddled by a pedophile
    The Welfare State has allowed a class of unemployable genetic failures to proliferate

    I hope that makes my position clear :O)

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