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How to make a Goose Quill Fishing Float…The Goose Quill Zephyr Hybrid Fishing Float

I have seen some old pictures of homemade fishing floats constructed out of paper…How very strange!!

But if you think about it, it really isn’t that weird after-all paper is simply processed wood so I decided that I would give it a go. So here is how to make a goose quill fishing float…The Goose Quill Zephyr Hybrid Fishing Float!!!

You may ask what paper should I use for this construction but that question is a fools question, it has to be the Angling Times of course because if this thing actually works they may want to do a bit of a article on it and how it helped me bag a Drennan Weekly award for an outlandishly large Chub!Goose Quill

So with scissors, glue ( prit stick) and strips of paper to hand I began the constructional phase.

Now this is only an experimental project with the sole objective of seeing what can be done to create something of use, I am certainly not going to win any prizes for this one but the act of creation is a pretty good way of spending a rainy day on a diet when everything is miserable and grey and lacking in calories.

So taking thin strips of paper I begin building up a body, I have decided that I want something I can use for long trotting so the fat end of the quill will be the top…if it works then I may have a go at making something inverted for tench and bream fishing…but lets see how this goes first shall we?

After about an hour I have something that I consider to be about right…but it isn’t aesthetic..I have a plan..The Angling Times Bob Construct an "Eye"...I used 1/32 brass wiJames contrition article is stripped and glued into place, now this looks better!!

I construct an eye and whip it into place, the “effect” is reasonable but functional, I must take a moment to commend those float builders that do the really effective whipping, their technique is superb but my sausage fingers are no match for their digital dexterity.

Once I have my whippings in place a little paint in the right places finishes the job before 6 coats of varnish seal the deal!

goose quill zephyr


Goose Quill Zephyr scale shot

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