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December fishing blog

December Fishing Blog…Already!!

I cannot believe how fast things pass as you get a bit older…Time for the December Fishing blog already….Just where did the summer go? I am not a fan of winters although they do give me the chance to get some proper chub and pike fishing done, in conditions that are for want of a better turn of phrase “for the purist”.

I set myself some serious targets this season and I think I will probably only do one and that is to bag 10 double figure barbel, I am currently on 9 so I suppose that one should fall nicely into place come late February, I don’t think I A nice double...will be deliberately targeting cold water barbel on the Trent this winter as life is too short and I would be better off trying to get connected to a really nice pike or even a mega chub of 7lb or over, now that would be a constructive use of my time!

Recently I snagged a decent pike of 18lb on a legered dead-bait, I was lucky, it saved a 18lb on the snout!double blank!

Until the point where the line slipped out of the drop-back alarm and started to coil away and into the depths, I was spending more time watching the egrets and gulls and trying to get a decent shot of both…a Black Headed Gull in winter trimWhy can’t they sit/stand/feed slowly?

Everything has to be a million miles an hour! Thank the Lord for digital cameras as I must have blown well over a hundred and fifty shots trying to get something half I like egrets!decent!

But the fishing came good in the end and saved my face, one blank day on a weekend is bad but two is just plain wrong!

Although in my defense I must admit to not being able to get myself in the zone for this one, I had a stinking cold and my back was bloody killing me…a common and current theme with my back of late!

I suppose I better get myself booked in for a massage or get some more Tramadol from the doctors!

And talking of doctors

I read in one of the papers this week that there is a possibility that there may be plans to introduce a £10 fee to see a GP but those on benefits and on low incomes would not be expected to pay…

But your average hard working tax payers like me that have fuck all left to spend at the end of the week after being squeezed into funding the luxury lifestyles of the foreign and feckless will be expected to pay a tenner just to see the GP on top of subsidizing the workshy’s free “scrips” for methadone and antidepressants as well as paying for our own medication when we get to the pharmacy!


That is just plain fucking wrong…Go to any inner city GP’S surgery in Britain today and what you will find is something akin to a frigging International Aid station doling out free medication to all and fucking sundry, Bulgarians with Syphilis, Romanian gypsies with TB, Somalians cartoon somaliwith Hydrocephalus, Asians with numerous inherent genetic failings due to inbreeding….

And me…

With a bad back from carrying the freeloading bunch of wankers!

But let’s not get bogged down with all that, Let’s do some more fish and fishing  ”talk” otherwise I will run the risk of being called a racist.

Which is of course a load of bollocks, I have never been racist, I have watched the Playboy Magazines “Ebony Edition” numerous times as well as “Asian Babes 1 through 32″ and “Oriental Mental 1 through 12″

Naked ladies ( and men, if that’s what floats your boat ) generally make people a lot happier, excepting the niche magazines and DVD’s such as the “20 Stone Roma Momma” series which has far too many over stretched pink velour tracksuit bottoms and over pulled lycra tops in it for my tastes and I must admit now that I just don’t see the point in the “Bad Girl Burqua Bangeroo Boat Party”, It isn’t like you actually get to see anything…

Yorkshire Specimen Group Fund Raising Night

I was honoured to be asked to be one of the guest speakers recently at the inaugural “Yorkshire Specimen Group Fund Raising Night”, the headline act was Julian Cundiff followed by a mega raffle the likes of which I have never seen before with me bringing up the rear…

I had a fantastic time in front of a very appreciative audience, all in all the night raised well over £1,400.00 quid, a big tip of the hat needs to go to Jon Preen and his dad for putting it all together.

Well done chaps!!


I have to say though that I think I really need to reconsider my understanding of the term “reigning it in” as Tina asked me afterwards in all honesty ” Was that supposed to be reigned in?”

I thought it was reigned in…

I suppose my story about shagging the eel and falling over in the mud with my trousers around my knees went a bit too far, at least that part was fiction.


Sheffield Wednesday part company with Dave Jones

About fooking time.

From what I hear on the grapevine and I have a pretty decent grapevine he only travelled up from his home in Wales to do training when he had to…that isn’t good enough.

He was a morose whiny scouse wanker that sounded like he needed a good old fashioned enema



Back to the battle lines of Bowden Houstead Field

It has been a fantastic week for those not wanting to see the destruction of Sheffield’s green Spaces, firstly a friend of mine started a Facebook Page called Sheffield GREEN -city where we can all meet and organise our protests


and I started a Change.org petition to ask Sheffield Planning board and SYFR to reconsider their options. The petition below needs signatures, your signature, your wife or husbands signature, your children’s signature, your friends signature…In fact get everyone that doesn’t want to live in a concrete hellhole to sign the petition regardless of where they live! I don’t care if you live in the Bhutan or Tazmania, we all have green spaces we need to protect, you help me and I will help you!


. So please take thirty seconds to sign the petition. It does not store your details and it won’t spam your in-box.

Sign up and say no!!


The best part of the week however was reading Dr. Ian. Rotherhams walk on the wildside article in Saturdays Sheffield Star where he cited the Eco-credentials of the planned Fire Station on Bowden Houstead Field as “Eco-twaddle and Enviro-babble”.

Dr.Ian Rotherham is an environmental “big gun” who knows what he is talking about, he isn’t some Sheffield Council lackey that proceeds on an ideological cause regardless of the consequences because the outcome suits their political agenda.


I have found some chub!!

This year my chub fishing has involved a lot of chub in the 3lb bracket, this week however I was briefly connected to one much bigger until an unseen snag separated the fish from the finder.

I did go onto to bag a nice little chub of 2lb 15oz as a consolation but the one that got away has placed itself directly onto my radar…I will be back for you my lovely !!











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