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Chub…A guest article by Darren McCann…”Chub Thumping”

CHUB THUMPING By Darren Mc Cann   It is the dream of many a chub angler to stumble upon a tranquil and secluded river that rarely sees a fisherman grace its wild and over-grown banks from one day to the next. Probability suggests that the average angler is put off by the prospect of walking […]

The Army Benevolent Fund sponsored barbel race!

Three mates of mine are currently planning for a sponsored barbel race to take place over 14 days in which they will attempt to capture 14 double figure barbel from 14 English rivers, one double figure barbel from each river. Who do they think they are Phil Smith!?! Jokes aside it is a damned good […]

Chub…a guest article on chub fishing by Ian Nairn…The Stour Biggie!

The reputation of Ian Nairn as a chub anglers extraordinaire ( or should that be “extraordinairn”) goes well before him therefore it is with the greatest of pleasure I present this “guest chub” article that relays the story of a fantastic chub capture from a rising Dorset Stour that proves beyond all doubt that regardless of […]

The Pike…a guest article by Christian Barker

THE PIKE By Christian Barker   For as long as I can remember, the pike has held a special place of affection;  looking back on my earliest fishing adventures it both commanded fear and respect in equal measure.  My brother and I grew up with a fishing utopia in the form of an old Mill […]

Spanish Barbel a guest article by Tony Rocca

I first met Tony at a Barbel Society national conference (2006 I believe), we made up a nice little table in the bar with a couple of Tony’s mates along with Gary Knowles and my fishing partner Martin Womble where we proceeded to demolish two bottles of whiskey via a camera case that doubled up […]

A guest article on “chub” by Darren Mcann

Once again, I am thrilled to be able to offer you all the chance to read a cracking story based article by the illustrious chub angler and high quality bespoke bait producer Darren Mcann Chub Grub          By Darren McCann The morning was just like countless others I had enjoyed recently as the warming […]

THE FAMOUS COMIZO BARBEL OF SPAIN…a guest article on the mighty Comizo Barbel

I love barbel fishing therefore I have a natural interest in the mighty Comizo barbel of Spain that being the case I asked  Juan at Barbel Extremadura if it would be possible for him to put together a few words. Here is the guest article from Barbel Extremadura. I hope you find that it whets your appetite for Spanish […]

Pike fishing…Pike fishing with Danny Johnson

Pike fishing…Small Baits…Double the action!! Its that time of year when the predator tackle is being dusted off as I prepare for some pike fishing with a plan to try some new rigs out, first things first however my reels will need to be re-loaded with new 15lb line. I love the whole predator scene, […]

Predator Publications & Carp Fishing News present gifts4anglers

We, at Predator Publications & Carp Fishing News, are probably better known for publishing popular fishing magazines such as Coarse Angling Today, Pike & Predators and Carp-Talk.   We also run Predator Publications & Carp Fishing News, the shops hold the biggest stock of fishing related books, DVDs and gifts anywhere in the UK. The […]

Winter Chub fishing – some thoughts on bite indication.

  Chub Fishing. A passion is born.     I don’t know what it is about chub fishing that I find so captivating, but for over twenty years they have become an all consuming passion. I think the first embers were lit having read an article by Matt Hayes in the Angling Times describing his […]