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A guest article from Mark and Sue Anderson “Barbel fishing in the Severn and Teme Valley”

Matt Hayes drifted downstream, in the canoe was Mick Brown, and their guide. They ended up fishing from an island, and camping for the night, great viewing. It obviously entered my subconscious, because in another series called Mainstream, Matt got off the Severn valley railway steam train at Hampton Lode and did a bit of […]

Guest article from Ron Clay…Early Days of the Sheffield Specimen Hunters part II

Early Days of the Sheffield Specimen Hunters  part II   By Ron Clay   As mentioned in the first part of this series I was summarily thrown out of the Northern Specimen Group on what I feel in hindsight were trumped up charges. A special general meeting was called to which I was not invited; […]

A Guest Article on Barbel By Andrew Poole…Whacker Whiskers with Weather Warnings!!!

Whacker whiskers with weather warnings The start of the season was once again upon me and now was a time for me to get back on track with my Barbel fishing. I decided on fishing the River Great Ouse in Bedfordshire where I had managed a PB Barbel of 15LB.9oz in September of the previous season, […]

Pike Fishing…A Guest article by Lewis Gaukroger

Chasing The Big Girls By Lewis Gaukroger   Over the last couple of season I have been privileged to guest on a picturesque lake specifically targeting pike. Primarily used for duck shooting the lake is rarely fished; overgrown in its natural beauty the lake has been left alone to evolve with the changing seasons. Supporting […]

Guest article…In search of an Upper Severn Monster Barbel – by Jerry Gleeson

In search of an Upper Severn Monster by Jerry Gleeson Having been lucky enough to catch quite a few monster barbel from my local river I decided I needed a new challenge, now living in a barbel wilderness and not being able to drive this posed a bit of a problem, I didn’t want it […]

A Guest Article by Ron Clay…Early Days of the Sheffield Specimen Hunters

Early Days of the Sheffield Specimen Hunters    By Ron Clay   Some of you might be aware that I am working on a book which will be part autobiographical, and part an account of what happened during the early days of the Sheffield Specimen hunting scene. The following is a pre-view of what is […]

Another Guest Barbel Article from Barbel Extremadura

Hello my name is Jaun David Herrero Carriches  but you can call me John! I am a 28 year old Spaniard and must apologise at this point for my poor command of the English  language * No apologies needed John as your English is far better than my Spanish. Ed. I may be quite young but I have a […]

Making a traditional quill fishing float

Making a traditional quill fishing float   I love the old school style floats, onions, bobbers, quills and assorted wagglers each one hand made and unique so when I saw these flash up on my Facebook page I thought I would try to get the maker to do a little bit of a description on how they […]

The Birth of The Hook Bait Company

THE BIRTH OF THE HOOK BAIT COMPANY (With a little help from my friends) By Darren McCann   The birth of  The Hook Bait Company has followed a long gestation, as some of you are aware I have been designing and manufacturing boilies for many years now (23 years in fact) and have had some […]

Fishing on the river of life

FISHING ON THE RIVER OF LIFE By Christian Barker An obsession was born. My love affair with fishing started over three decades ago. I was fortunate to have a father who taught me the basics and a river minutes from our home. My first rod was memorably a garden cane with wire eyes whipped carefully and a […]