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August fishing Blog…Stage two of the fishing season starts here!!

August fishing blog….Back from the family break in Greece and ready for round two!!


I like August, it is a month of sun, sea, sand, free boobs, assorted souvlaki, home distilled raki and Mythos lager by the gallon! That’s right it is the time of my summer break from fishing and a time when I go on the family trip to Crete.

It has been two years since we went on holiday and as such I deliberately chose to not take any fishing tackle with me whatsoever and instead concentrate my efforts on becoming the right colour to work as an undercover operative for MI5 in the Middle East (joke) Iactually just fancied a break from fishing.

The flight out from Manchester was a good one and the VIP departure lounge is to be recommended to anyone that does not enjoy flying as it removes a lot of the stress from the whole airport experience, I don’t like flying, well actually that is not the  truth of it, “I” ( as in me as a single and complete unit of humanity ) don’t mind flying per se ( Although I openly state that I don’t like walking around on planes and I don’t like using the toilet on planes) but my arse as an individual component of the whole hates flying completely and utterly with no exception and it will do everything in its power to prevent me from getting on board.

This generally equates it pulling the plug and flooding my guts which results in me shitting through the eye of a needle for the three to four hours prior to departure. This plan actually almost worked once but unfortunately for my explosively mardy ring-piece I am married to a fantastically organised woman that packs everything  that could be needed on a two week trip into the unknown and even though I was once caught unawares by this tactic and ended up squatting on the Winnets Pass spraying turds into a completely innocent bilberry bush she was able to get into my system two Imodium and now I find that a breakfast of two Imodium preceded by a supper of one Imodium is enough to block the gates and prevent an anal catastrophe from ruining my last day on holiday.

Anyway moving on from the squirts, the holiday was a good one and I enjoyed myself immensely, I cannot remember much about the nightlife because I am one of those strange types that actually likes the free raki that is given away at the end of the meal when you eat in Greek tavernas. I like raki a lot, sometimes I like raki more than I should and sometimes I find that I have been dancing the night previous, which is never a good idea for me because quite frankly, I have less rhythm than the average dead frog that has been run over by an articulated lorry. It is quite sad really because I would love to be able to dance.

Anyway let’s get back on track, as I have inferred already, I like Greek food, I like it a lot and one or two of the meals I had out in Crete were sublime in their simplicity, the rabbit stiffado was fantastic and the Mylos starter plate to die for, Georges ten plate meza was also far better than expected although it did loosen Olivia up a little but that could well have been the olive oil rather than anything nefarious.

Anyway when not eating, drinking, sunbathing or dancing under the influence I needed to find something to fill the void of time that always comes with the holiday…and so I started watching butterflies. I like butterflies, the only problem was that I had just flown near on three thousand miles and the first butterfly I saw was the exact same one I saw just before leaving the UK…Wall Brown?The Small White!

But I need not have worried as there were soon loads of stuff flitting around that I had no idea what they were, the first of these mystery species was one I thought was a Grey Hair Streak but turned out to be a Common Zebra Blue, a tiny little creature that was as cute as a Common Zebra Bluebutton!

These probably made up about half of all the butterflies I came across with Skippers being the next most popular, although I have no idea what type of Skipper they were/are but if I was pushed to guess I reckon they were made up of Mallow Skippers and two other Skipper species I know not what.

The big show off of the holiday however were the Swallowtails which are a truly stunningSwallowtail butterfly creature that cannot fail but to impress, the best shots I got of them were at the old abandoned American army base a few miles outside of Gouves.

Greece has far more butterflies than the UK with over 260 species compared to our 60 ish so if you get your timing right the place can be a lepidopterists dream!

The “Vespids” are also something else to behold, the size of the wasps has to be seen to be believed my personalMassive wasps! favourites were the big black and yellow jobs that looked like they could rip your arm off at the elbow and beat you to death with it.

But with all these big beasts about the spiders that prayed on them had to be something special as well or they would starve to death whilst surrounded by mega fodder. I found a huge Argiope species spider on the first day of the holiday and by the time we were going home I had seen her eating at least one wasp sometimes two every single day! She was the biggest spider I have Argiope ( lobata?) ever seen in the wild and something truly special.


Drifting back to the UK


Anyway that is enough of me and my creepy crawly fascination with all the mini beasts of nature, not everyone can abide such things, I don’t know why though because for the most part they do a brilliant job at keeping down the numbers of other less pleasant creatures that can at time cause real misery, creatures such as Mosquitoes and Horseflies, two creature I would happily consign to extinction were they not so important to the foodchain, I wonder if I would show so much hesitation towards the extinction of Sheffield Labour Councillors?…Nah…they can all die for me, the world would be a better place without them. Hence why I performed an ancient Roman cursing ritual and left it at Bowden Housteads for the Spirits of the wild placesThe hopeful result to ponder over, The curseI hope they decide to heed my call and fuck them all up….that would be nice!

The ancient Romans had a fantastic way with curses and thanks to HBO I was able to replicate the curse ritual but unlike Sevillia I did not sacrifice myself to the Gods as an offering but instead just asked that justice be done to those that would desecrate the green areas of the world in the name of greed and profit.

Anyway I won’t blather on any longer as I had better get on with a bit of fishing otherwise this won’t be much of a fishing blog…so here goes!

Stage two of the fishing season starts here!!

The first part of the season has been awesome , I have had some amazing fish that have probably set me up for a long wait on Massive Trent Chubimprovement on the PB front…in fact I may never beat my 7lb 40z chub, I hope I do but it will be hard!

The one I really think will go in the second part of this season though is the barbel, I am now on eight doubles to 13lb 7oz and I feel that have the rub of the green on my side although I did have a slip up the other night which resulted in me losing what felt to be a really good fish about five minutes into the fight.

At night I like to use coated braid or 11lb Fluorocarbon combi-links but I did not change from my daytime rigs ( yes, I do actually have different rigs for day and night) through laziness and it cost me big time!

I couldn’t do anything with this fish and on the fourth time of it going through a snag the line parted and I was gutted, my own fault though so I just have to hold my hands up and take it as part of a learning curve thing….Never be lazy!

The plus side of that 5lb 15oz Trent Chubsession was the capture of another good chub of 5lb 15oz, a fish that I thought was bigger when I first saw it in the net but it lacked the width across its back to optimize its potential Potential to be truly MASSIVEweight. here is a shot of my second 7lb chub ( 7lb 2oz) and you can see the scale of its head and shoulders but you can also see that she is empty…This is a fish I would love to get in the net come February or March.

get her in the net then and my Pb is broken for Trent Chub are ace!sure!






 And finally

I am building up a really good head of pressure, in fact I feel like an Icelandic volcano if truth be told and I feel that I am going to blow my top at any moment but I will save it for next months blog..Yes, it will be highly political, yes, there will be a rant of epic proportions so if you don’t want to read it…don’t come back…but if you want to know what I think to Muslim grooming gangs, incompetent politicians, useless police commissioners, stone age Islamic values and a host of other topics, keep you eyes peeled …next blog in about a week!


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